33 Irresistibly Spring DIYs

It’s not all allergies and rainstorms. Celebrate spring with these easy projects.

1. Having a really cute picnic kit will encourage you to go on more picnics.

Get the directions here.

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2. Welcome your guests the right way with these fruit-slice mats.

You can make one yourself out of a plain, ugly, round welcome mat.

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3. You NEED streamers on your bicycle if you’re going to be riding around town carefree-style.

Get the tutorial from Rookie.

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4. Make this adorable paper boat purse.

Get the directions here.

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5. Put these candy toppers on your cupcakes.

Get the full tutorial here.

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6. The organizing is the not-so-fun part. But covering your clothes hangers in brightly colored embroidery floss is a quick way to brighten up your closet.

Get the super-easy instructions here.

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7. Put your sringtime cocktails on these adoooorable moss coasters.

Get the DIY here.

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8. Paint raindrops on your wall.

Or if you don’t feel like it, get these raindrop sticker decals here.

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9. Put edible flowers in your popsicles.

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10. Wear a tiny flower pot around your neck.

Get the DIY here.

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11. Use stencils to spruce up some boring storage bins.

Get the directions here.

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12. Paint a planter with neon paint.

Get the directions here.

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13. Don’t need a planter? Put a leather handle on it and turn it into a junk caddy.

You can get these wooden boxes at Target for like, $3.

ID: 1079458

14. These tissue-paper votives are easy and simple if you’re entertaining guests.

Get the directions here.

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15. Make some pegboard cross-stitch art to brighten up your space.

Get the directions here.

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16. Get ready for your summer travels by making these wooden souvenir boxes.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1079269

17. Wear your succulents.

They’ll last for weeks if you put them in the fridge.

ID: 1079281

18. Create this antler flower display.

Get the directions here.

ID: 1079297

19. Recycle old egg cartons by making this flower wreath.

A great craft to do with the kids.

ID: 1079323

20. For a spring party, add floral garlands to your balloons.

ID: 1079409

21. Make this floral bun wrap out of floral wire and felt.

Get the directions here.

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22. Frame your front door with a couple of grass-green moss topiaries.

Get the directions here.

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23. Wrap your lamp cords with colored embroidery floss.

ID: 1079473

24. Learn how to properly make an elegant springtime garland.

One that drapes perfectly and all that. Get the directions here.

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25. Add a flippy scalloped hem to a dumpy old skirt.

Get the directions here.

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26. Instead of a terrarium, turn a basket into a delightful little fairy garden.

ID: 1079737

27. Get your plants off the ground with this hanging planter rod.

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 1079744

28. For an indoor garden, try making these Japanese moss balls.

Get the tutorial here.

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29. Cut a rug in the shape of a cloud.

ID: 1080088

30. Decorate your computer cords with washi tape.

ID: 1079788

31. Stamp some neon dots to your pillows.

Get the directions .

ID: 1079791

32. Or add some pom-poms to the corners.

ID: 1079794

33. Plant a bougainvillea tree.

They do well in hot, dry areas, like Texas, Florida, and Arizona. So if you live in one of those states, you should plant one of these immediately.

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