23 Incredibly Helpful Diagrams For Moms-To-Be

There are just so many little things to keep track of when you’re expecting. Just remember: “There’s a chart for that.”

1. Use this chart to gauge how much exercise is appropriate during pregnancy.

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2. Practice your posture.

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4. The bare necessities (also, what to ask for on your baby registry).

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5. Learn how to swaddle the babe.

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6. What to eat while breast-feeding:

Because certain foods can cause indigestion and gas for baby AND mom.

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7. A simple child-harness safety guide:

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8. More tips for a rear-facing car seat:

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9. Know your infant CPR.

You can also read the complete pediatric first aid guide here.

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10. Baby reflexology guide:

Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, it never hurts to try when you’re at wits’ end.

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11. Sizing charts for popular baby clothing brands makes shopping infinitely easier:

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12. A simple nutrition guide:

ID: 1004312

13. Teething chart:

Now you know what those teeth are/should be doing.

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15. What your baby is communicating to you:

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16. A newborn survival guide:

ID: 1004592

18. The formula feeding guide:

ID: 1004693

19. What to feed your baby at different ages:

ID: 1004697

20. Print out this weaning chart…

It will help you keep track of foods you’re introducing to your child. Download the full chart here.

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21. Use this handy chart to determine how much sleep is appropriate for your child.

ID: 1002810

22. How to sleep-train your baby:

Get the full infographic here.

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23. What to expect from your baby’s development:

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