How To Throw The "Great Gatsby" Wedding Of Your Dreams

“Can’t repeat the past? … Why, of course you can!”

2. First things first: Whip up some classy invitations. Here are some cool ones.

Get these on Etsy.

ID: 1036959

5. Ask that rich friend if you can use their giant old mansion.

Or rent out the Oheka Castle on Long Island.

ID: 1039269

6. But honestly, any outdoor lawn will probably do.

ID: 1039287

7. Most importantly, you need the perfect dress with Art Deco details.

Top: $3,000 from

Bottom: $1,200 from

ID: 1036928

8. Or go bohemian-flapper.

$650 from Etsy

ID: 1036939

9. And remember: pearls, pearls pearls.

ID: 1038681

10. When it gets chilly at night, cover up with a fur stole.

ID: 1038665

11. Find the right headpiece, preferably a headband or a feather fascinator.

$225 from Etsy

ID: 1037044

$320 from Etsy

ID: 1037052

14. Get the finger-waves down.

ID: 1037115

Here’s a tutorial.

ID: 1037129

16. Drop-waist dresses for the bridesmaids.

All dresses from ASOS.

ID: 1037210

17. Pretty rhinestone accents for their hair.

Top: $50 from Etsy

Bottom: $35 from Etsy

ID: 1038598

18. Make them wear feather boas and cloché hats if you want to get really authentic.

Vogue/Steven Meisel
ID: 1037219

19. The flower girl can be a flapper girl.

Get this dress here.

ID: 1038645

20. The groomsmen should sport flasks.

Photo by Tanya Shields.

ID: 1037249

21. And/or pocket watches.

Photo by The Pros wedding photography.

ID: 1038651

22. The groom should rival Robert Redford in debonaire.

ID: 1039171

23. How clever is this airplane boutonniere??

Photo by Ashley Photographer and The Itty Bitty Party Committee.

ID: 1038648

24. Hand out feathered headbands to your guests.

Photo by Weddings by Two.

ID: 1039242

25. The cake should be GOLD.

ID: 1037144

26. Or at least have some Art Deco detailing.

Photo by Hazelnut Photography.

ID: 1037159

28. Pair with black-and-white desserts.

Photo by Derek McClure.

ID: 1039214

29. Accordion-pleated tissue paper makes for an easy and inexpensive party decoration.

Photo by Judy Pak.

ID: 1038971

30. Other viable motifs include vintage suitcases and old cameras.

Photo by Ben Blood.

ID: 1038933

31. Tables could be littered with pearls and crystals.

Photo by Mark Ammon.

ID: 1037235

33. Unless, of course, you’ve managed to find sequined tablecloths.

Photo by Yasmin Khajavi Photography.

ID: 1039193

35. Incorporate peacock feathers.

ID: 1037170

37. Serve liquor out of vintage decanters.

“It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.”

Photo by Ashley Photographer and The Itty Bitty Party Committee.

ID: 1037289

38. Signature cocktails include gin rickeys, champagne juleps, and sidecars.

Get the recipes here.

ID: 1038951

39. Let the champagne run freely.

ID: 1038747

40. It also makes a good, festive wedding favor.

ID: 1039191

41. When guests get sick of doing the Charleston, give them the option of playing drunk badminton.

A vintage badminton set is mandatory.

ID: 1038630

42. Choose an Art Deco guest book.

This is $39.95 from Etsy.

ID: 1037020

43. Or set up a typewriter so your guests can type you their well wishes.

Photo by Lisa O’Dwyer.

ID: 1037226

44. Ride away in style in a yellow Rolls-Royce.

ID: 1038989

It symbolizes the American Dream.

ID: 1039198

47. While the party continues all night long….

ID: 1039345

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