40 Awesome Signs You’ll Want At Your Wedding

A good message is a telltale sign it’s going to be a great day.

1. Welcome your guests the best way possible.

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3. And let them know that there are some SERIOUS FUN TIMES ahead.


Duh! It’s your wedding day!

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6. Make sure your guests know exactly where to go.

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14. Signs that instruct your guests will make your life a million times easier.

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They’re definitely more likely to listen when it’s coming from a small, adorable child.

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16. Incorporate your pets with a “My humans are getting married!” sign.

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17. Go ahead and tell your everyone what they’re already thinking.

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18. Or what YOU’RE thinking.

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19. Proclaim your love for ALL OF ETERNITY.

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21. Or say it with a meaningful quote or song lyric.

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23. Because love is in the air.

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25. Celebrate how perfect you are for each other.

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27. And tell the world how your love story unfolded.

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28. If you’re planning an especially chill wedding, the seating cards are the perfect place to welcome your wedding crashers.

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29. Keep in mind that your reception is rife with opportunities for puns.

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32. Encourage your shy guests to dance, if you think they’ll need a little goading.

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34. Encourage them to drink (at your own risk).

Or perhaps bourbon is more your speed….

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36. And even if they drink a little too much, let them know you still love them.

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37. Use your signs to create incredibly memorable photo opportunities.

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40. And finally, for the after party…

Infinitely better than “Do Not Disturb.”

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