31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design

Packaging: It’s a necessary evil. So it may as well be clever.

1. A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar.

Designed by Joshua Harris

ID: 2024215

2. Cord packaging that tears off to become cord ties.

Designed by Jean-Guillaume Blais

ID: 2026483

3. Earth-friendly, protective egg packaging.


Designed by monstop

ID: 2024271

4. Adorable juice boxes that fit together.

By Preston Grubbs

ID: 2024278

5. A fitness-inspired shopping bag.

By TWBA/Istanbul

ID: 2024197

6. The pizza box concept that will change how you eat pizza forever. (If only they’d mass-market this concept.)

Designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee.

ID: 2026678

7. A pastry box with built-in coffee holder.

Designed by Eva Bakacs.

ID: 2026102

8. An apt “shoebox” for Nike Airs.

By Scholz and Friends

ID: 2026127

9. A paintbeard.

Hopefully not made from actual human beard bristles.

By Simon Laliberté.

ID: 2026139

10. Butter with a built-in spreader as the lid.

Designed by Yeongkeun.

ID: 2026150

11. The perfect tissue dispenser during the winter.

More info here.

ID: 2026174

12. A toothpaste tube you can tear open at the other end when trying to get the last bit out.

Designed by Guo Lili.

ID: 2026836

13. Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC.

Designed by Alex Creamer.

ID: 2026498

14. Compartmentalized fast food packaging that would decrease waste and make eating on the go much easier.


Project by Ian Gilley

ID: 2026533

15. Behold: the Vegetebrella.

You can actually buy it here.

ID: 2026556

16. An updated Staples bag.

ID: 2024200

17. An origami microwave popcorn design that folds out into a bowl.

Designed by Packlab.

ID: 2027145

18. Wine bottle packaging that creates two drinking glasses.

One for you and one for ME.

By Ampro.

ID: 2026571

19. Whimsical “Wooly Heads” packaged to look like something out of a Tim and Eric skit.

By Ogilvy Frankfurt

ID: 2026580

20. A spoon that contains creamer so you just squeeze and stir.

Designed by Yu-Ren Lai.

ID: 2026675

21. Cheese pencils you can grate easily by “sharpening.”


By Korefe

ID: 2026795

22. A cool new way to carry your flower arrangement.

By Icarus Leung for Flora NY.

ID: 2026898

23. A very clever way to sell earbuds.

Designed by Corinne Pant.

ID: 2026171

24. A sushi to-go box that uses chopsticks as the handle.

Concept by Ashley Buerkett.

ID: 2026797

25. Anti-smoking cigarette packaging that really drives the message home.

By Reynold and Reyner.

ID: 2026803

26. Paper Doritos packaging that easily opens and closes.


Designed by Petar Pavlov.

ID: 2026877

This is the prototype. ISN’T IT COOL??

ID: 2026880

27. Beverage holders that are so much better than those Styrofoam things they give you at Starbucks.

ID: 2026902

28. Churros with a dippable chocolate sauce container.

ID: 2026908

29. Portable, on-the-go dog food packaging with a built-in bowl.

Designed by Benjamin Yi

ID: 2027190

30. This incredibly simple peanut bag with peanut shell receptacle.

Designed by Noémie Cotton.

ID: 2026945

31. The updated Pringles can that accordions out into a chip bowl.

Because snacking innovation is very important.

Designed by Kwon Do-hyuk, Kim Seok-woo, Seo Dong-Han, In Sung-hoonm, and Lee Bum-ho.

ID: 2026956

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