27 Gorgeously Dreamy Vintage-Inspired Hair Tutorials

::Rubs eyes:: Brigitte Bardot, is that you?

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1. Anne Shirley’s Gibson Tuck

Get the directions here.

ID: 3581086

2. A 1920s Faux-Bob

Get the full directions here.

ID: 3581184

3. A 1920s Marcel Wave

Throw on some pearls and you’re set. Get the directions here.

ID: 3581078

4. A 1930s Romantic Nape Hairdo

Directions here.

ID: 3581021

5. A 1930s Bride Updo

Full tutorial here.

ID: 3581081

6. Romantically Tousled Garden Party Hair

Directions over on the Sephora blog.

ID: 3623841

7. An Easy 1940s Pinback Hairdo

Tutorial here.

ID: 3581123

8. Lena Horne’s Victory Rolls

Watch the YouTube tutorial here.

ID: 3581011

9. Beauty Queen Beehive

Watch the video tutorial here.

ID: 3623866

10. Late ’30s/Early ’40s Librarian Chic Bob


This hairstyle requires a sponge roller set.

ID: 3581062

11. A 1940s Wartime Curly Bob

Hello sailor! Get the tutorial here.

ID: 3623197

12. Old Hollywood Giant Roller Waves

Hot rollers are magic. Get the tutorial here.

ID: 3581018

13. Lauren Bacall’s Waves

Check out the tutorial here.

ID: 3581104

14. Jackie O.’s Flippy Bob


Nancy Drew probably must have followed the exact same steps to get this look. Get the tutorial here.

ID: 3581048

15. Brigitte Bardot’s Half-Up Bouffant via Contempt

Tutorial here.

ID: 3581005

16. A Ronettes-Esque Beehive

Get this epic beehive look here.

ID: 3581093

17. Rosie the Riveter’s Scarf Updo

You just need a curling iron, some hair clips, and a scarf.

ID: 3581073

18. Bettie Page’s Teased Baby Bangs

ID: 3580995

19. A ’50s Pompadour

Follow the directions here.

ID: 3623565

20. Sandra Dee’s 1950s Ponytail

Check out the tutorial here.

ID: 3581143

21. Betty Grable’s Scarf Updo

Tutorial here.

ID: 3581174

22. Billie Holiday’s Glamorous Curls

Watch the video here.

ID: 3623571

23. An Audrey Hepburn-Esque High Chignon

You’re so fancy. Get the tutorial here.

ID: 3581171

24. Joan Holloway’s Chignon

ID: 3581096

25. Brigitte Bardot’s Messy Beehive

Get the directions here.

ID: 3581169

26. A 1960s Half-Up Bouffant

Directions here.

ID: 3623771

27. A 1970s Braided Bowl Cut

Instant bangs! Get the tutorial here.

ID: 3623223

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