15 Awesome Things You Can Make With A Stupid Pizza Box

So you can’t recycle them, and they don’t fit in your trash can. Earn a few extra karma points with the earth by making these practical projects.


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2. Cat Bed

This DIY requires no steps, besides forgetting that you left a pizza box on the floor.

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3. A Solar-Powered S’more Oven

F*cking genius. Get the directions here.

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4. A Square Ring Flash for Your Camera

Get the full directions here.

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5. A Kid’s Art Easel

Too cute. Get the directions here.

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6. A Table Soccer Game

Get more details here.

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7. XBox 360 Arcade Game Controller

Find out more here.

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8. A Pizza Bib

This is an essential stoner DIY life tip.

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9. This Adorable Clock

From drab to fab. Get the directions here.

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10. Outdoor Bird’s Nest

Ooh, nature craft for the kids. Get the directions here.

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11. Battleshots the Game

Relive the dorm room fun all over again. Get the details here.

ID: 970107

12. A Tiered Desk Organizer

Get more info here.

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13. Prettier Pizza Boxes

Actually, this little tutorial shows you how to turn pizza boxes into a fun puzzle game for preschoolers.

ID: 970068

14. A Skee-Ball Game

Get the directions here.

ID: 970109

15. Wall Art

Cover with fabric or wallpaper and staple along the back.

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16. And now in video form!

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