33 Awesome Marriage Proposals You Couldn’t Say No To

Time to start dropping all the hints.

Photo credits: valentine, puppy, spoon.

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1. With a dog.


Just make sure the dog doesn’t eat the ring or you’ll have a poop-laden proposal.

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2. Or a kitten.

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3. In a photo booth.

So the moment is captured.

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4. Carved in a tree.

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5. On Christmas Day.

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6. Hidden inside the Snitch.

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7. In your morning coffee.

To ensure that you’re an alert, sentient human being before giving a definitive answer.

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8. With dessert.

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Yep, that’s a cake.

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9. Hidden inside of a valentine.

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10. On the beach.

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11. During a Scrabble game.

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12. With a hidden photographer.

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13. Level-up bonus: keeping it a secret and surprising you with a framed photo of the moment on your wedding day.

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14. With a book.


As long as you don’t think anyone willing to perform open heart surgery on a book is an absolute monster.

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15. Or a trail of books.

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16. In a Cracker Jack box at the big game.

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17. Just like Mario would propose to Peach.

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18. At Disneyland.


The perfect beginning for “happily ever after.”

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Bonus: You get to wear these for the rest of the trip.

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19. With a fake-out.

Hopefully you don’t mind being proposed to on your birthday.

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20. Spelled out with every ticket stub of every movie you went to together.

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21. With a s’more.

A proposal which will hopefully be consummated in a camping-themed wedding.

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22. With a love letter (and the option to pick out your own ring!).

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23. With a scavenger hunt.


Make ‘em work for it.

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24. With a handpicked array of rings.

And the option to “pick one.”

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25. With a super simple and sweet message.


You can either go the straightforward or the totally geeky route.

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26. With an initial necklace, only the last name isn’t yours….


It’s theirs.

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27. With a real-life Monopoly game.

The whole getting down on one knee would happen on the luxury tax, obvs.

ID: 2565605

28. The marriage proposal version of this refrigerator.


ID: 2527444

29. While running a mundane errand.

Hit ‘em when they least expect it. Spencer proposed to Dustin while he was obliviously shopping for lumber at Home Depot with his roommate.

ID: 2526748

30. At the finish line.

Endorphins + proposal = possibly the best day ever.

Read more about the proposal here.

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31. Underwater.


Thumbs up for yes, thumbs down for no.

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32. With a pebble and some waddling, like penguin love.

As long as the pebble is followed up by a ring.

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33. With a very, very enthusiastic reaction after you say yes.

Let us not forget what happens after the actual proposal.

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