41 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Beauty Addict In Your Life

Bet you can’t get through this post without putting something on your wish list.

1. NEST’s Eau de Parfum Coffret, $38

Prettiest. Packaging. Ever. Get it from Sephora.

ID: 2020288

2. The Forest’s Library of Flowers Hand Creme, $24

ALL of this brand’s packaging is nothing short of amazing. Buy it here for $24.

ID: 2020095

3. This Works Sleep Solutions Set, £10

The box is so cute, you don’t even need to wrap it.

Get it here with free shipping worldwide.

ID: 2020299

4. Alder’s Natural Hair Powder, $32

Refinery29 calls it the best dry shampoo on the market. Get it here.

ID: 2020409

5. Wooden Cosmetics Holder, $140

For the friend who already has all the beauty products they need and nowhere to put them. Get it here.

ID: 2020552

6. Paul & Joe Holiday Set, $65

Guaranteed to make ‘em squee. Get it here.

ID: 2021570

7. Sephora’s Fragrance Sampler + Full Size Voucher, $65

Such a clever idea: This sampler set comes with a voucher you can exchange for a full-size version of the perfume of your choice. Get it here.

ID: 2020361

8. Macaron Lip Balm, $12.50

You should definitely buy the whole set. Get it here.

ID: 2020634

9. Cute and Sleazy Nail Decals, $8

Get ‘em here.

ID: 2020679

10. Lipstick Queen Set, $48

Get it for the glamorous-est girl (or guy) you know.

Get it here.

ID: 2020906

11. Ciate Foil Film Manicure Set, $19

There are so many crazy effects you can get with nail foil. Get it here.

ID: 2021943

12. French Fry Lip Balm, $2.99

Less than $3, which is exactly what a stocking stuffer should cost. Order it here.

ID: 2021705

13. Rothko Nail Decals, $7

Where art history meets perfect nail art. Get them here.

ID: 2021603

14. Choosy Lip Mask, $1.50 Apiece

They’re individual masks that you leave on your lips to get them uber-soft, and they come in flavors like milk, peach, and honey.

Get them here.

ID: 2021773

15. Sephora + Pantone Full Spectra Eyeshadow Palette, $19

The colors are highly pigmented and vibrant, and the packaging is beautifully minimalist. Get it here.

ID: 2021792

16. Laqa & Co Nail Art Pens, $16

Each color comes in a different, pretty box. Get them here.

ID: 2021625

17. Honey Do Shampoo and Conditioner Set, $30

People can be picky about what they use to wash their hair, but this packaging is just too cute to pass up. Get the set here.

ID: 2021800

18. Nasomotto Perfumes, €38

Seriously, how gorgeous are these bottles? They come in intriguing scents like Absinthe and Black Afgano. Available here.

ID: 2021825

19. Chalkboard Manicure Set, $24

Transforms nails into a chalkboard canvas. Get it here.

ID: 2021696

20. Set of Two Polishes from Rainbow Honey, $20

This cult indie nail polish brand makes a fascinating array of colors and glitter polishes. There are a bunch of packaged sets available here so you’ll have a tough time choosing which is the prettiest.

ID: 2021835

21. Sachajuan Beach Spray, $28

It’s similar to Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble but the packaging is so much cleaner and prettier. Get it here.

ID: 2020766

22. Strange Beautiful’s Dickensian Nail Polish Set, $85

10 shades of black to match their dark heart. Get it here.

ID: 2021869

23. Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio, $39

Get it here.

ID: 2021904

24. Sea Salt Soap, $6

It really does smell like the sea, and it’s great for shaving. Get it here.

ID: 2021910

25. Cath Kidston’s Lime and Mint Travel Box, £7

Get it here.

ID: 2021914

26. Miss Match Colour-Changing Polish Set, £8

Get it here.

ID: 2021876

27. We See Beauty Medieval Collection, $25

Comes with four eyeshadows and four lip shades. Get it here.

ID: 2021936

28. Makeup Bag, $35


A very nice sentiment. Get it here.

ID: 2022298

29. Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder, $50

A universal product that’s more illuminating and less cakey than your typical pressed powder. Get it here.

ID: 2021981

30. Julep’s Extraordinary Color Holiday Kit, $39

No girl can resist those GIANT CHUNKS OF GLITTER. Get it here.

ID: 2021933

31. Sleek Matte Eyeshadow Palette, $13

Whoever receives this will think you spent way more on it than you actually did. It’s also got great Amazon reviews!

ID: 2021983

32. Andrea Garland Pill Box Lip Balm, $22


CLASSY. Comes in five equally adorable designs. Buy it here.

ID: 2021996

33. Anastasia Bold and Beautiful Brow Kit, $36


Designed to look like beautiful art deco books. Get it here.

ID: 2022001

34. Korres Fragrances, $41


They come in the yummiest sounding scents ever, like saffron amber cardamom, paeonia vanilla amber pear, and pepper jasmine gaiac wood. Get them here.

ID: 2022019

35. The Foreo Luna Mini, $139

The Clarisonic has some competition with this device, which uses T-Sonic vibrations to cleanse your skin. Get it here. The regular-sized Luna is $199.

ID: 2022063

36. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Lip Balm Set, $15

They come in this adorable tin. All of the S.W. Basics packaging is pretty legit. Get it here.

ID: 2022075

37. Poketo’s Natural Bristle Shaving Brush, $32

OMG they look like little people. Get it here.

ID: 2022084

38. Earth Tu Face Geranium and Vetiver Salve Stick, $34

It’s an all-purpose stick that provides instant hydration to face, lips, and body. Get it here.

ID: 2022152

39. Big Sur Trail Crew Soap by Juniper Ridge, $35

Juniper Ridge makes incredible camping-inspired products. A Luvocracy user says, “This soap is hands down amazing. There’s nothing like it and verges on spiritual. One of my favorite things to gift. It’s all natural.” Get it here.

ID: 2022153

40. Fig and Yarrow’s Facial Care Set, $72

Whoever receives this gift will swoon at the apothecary-style packaging and the all-natural ingredients. Get it here.

ID: 2022170

And the aftershave in this gorgeous bottle will make a great gift for the man in your life. $52 from Etsy.

ID: 2022177

41. Tokyomilk’s Honey and the Moon Gift Set, $47.50

Utter romance. Comes with a travel candle, a shea butter handcreme, mini soaps, and a card. Get it here.

ID: 2022179

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