37 Awesome DIYs To Make Before School Starts

The only thing better than new school supplies are the extra special ones you make yourself.

1. Revamped Lunch Box

Decoupage a photo to the front and cover the inside with blackboard paint for changeable messages.

ID: 1497756

2. Book Covers with Plastic Pockets


Get the DIY here.

ID: 1496287

3. Milk Jug Sandwich Protector

Directions here.

ID: 1496612

4. Supply Holder Notebook

Sew elastic onto a notebook to hold essentials. DIY here.

ID: 1496311

5. Notebook Lunchbag

Highly customizable to be slightly more or less enthusiastic about the state of lunch. Get the directions here.

ID: 1496339

6. Alphabet Necklace

For the most blingin’ first grader ever. Directions here.

ID: 1496199

7. Felt Cutout Pencil Pouch

NO sewing skills required.

ID: 1496357

8. Piano Hinge Notebook

This one uses colored paper and bamboo skewers. Get the directions here.

ID: 1496455

9. Adorable Bow Pencil Pouch

Light sewing skills required. Directions here.

ID: 1496345

10. Mini Art Roll

Every child needs this. Every adult needs this. DIY here.

ID: 1496558

11. Locker Tote

Directions here.

ID: 1496469

12. Clipboard Makeovers with Washi and Duct Tape

Tutorial here.

ID: 1496594

13. Stamped Pencils

Directions here.

ID: 1496684

14. Notebook Blankets

These adorable felt book covers have a little extra pocket. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1497406

15. Chalkboard Placemats

Give your placemats a coat of blackboard paint.

ID: 1497139

16. Backpack Tags

Get the printable here.

ID: 1496729

17. Insanely Simple Heart-Shaped Paper Clips

ID: 1496646

18. Washi Tape Pencils

So easy, a third grader could make these.

ID: 1496541

19. Threaded Bookmarks

ID: 1496618

20. Paper Gel Pens

Use colored paper to brighten up gel pens.

ID: 1496627

21. Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Notebook

Directions here.

ID: 1496696

22. Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

Materials needed: pipe cleaners, scissors, foam stickers, and markers.

ID: 1497469

23. Craft Foam Pencil Case

Small hands can get a feel for sewing with this project, which requires a child-safe needle. Get the directions here.

ID: 1497509

24. Loft/Bunk Bed Organizer

Get the directions here.

ID: 1496408

25. Laptop Stand for the Bed

This DIY claims to only cost $15 and take 30-60 minutes of your time.

ID: 1496878

26. Over-The-Chair Bag

For extra storage and organization. Get the sewing DIY here.

ID: 1496701

27. Cord Organizer

Get the directions here.

ID: 1498082

28. Cork Pencil Holders

Get the DIY here.

ID: 1497895

29. Ribbon Bookmarks

ID: 1496209

An incredibly easy DIY that makes a great back-to-school teacher gift.

ID: 1496208

30. Cute Wall Hooks

Adorable for an elementary school classroom. Get the DIY here.

ID: 1497222

31. Scrap Fabric Notebook and Pen Set


Get the tutorial here.

ID: 1497279

32. Apple Pencil Holder

Directions here.

ID: 1496601

33. Recycled Soda Bottle Apple Pouches

Get the directions here.

ID: 1497545

34. Mason Jar Caddy

Get the directions here.

ID: 1497214

35. Chalkboard Locket Necklace

Directions here.

ID: 1496688

36. Notebook Tote

These are easy enough to make with embroidery thread and Sharpies.

ID: 1497339

37. Potted Herb Plant

ID: 1497262

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