43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much-Needed Sparkle To Your Life

They call glitter “the herpes of crafting supplies.” It’s sticky as hell, yes, but I say: May it never go away. Glitter is forever.

1. Make edible chocolate bling.

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2. And, actually, you can make your own edible glitter….

SPRINKLE ON EVERYTHING. Get the recipe here.

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3. Glitterize a reusable Starbucks cup.

Tutorial here.

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4. Cover your clothespins in glitter.

ID: 603036

5. Glitter wallpaper: It exists!

You can buy it here.

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6. Cover a pumpkin in glitter.

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7. Make these wineglasses.

Find out more here.

ID: 604759

You could also just do the stems.

ID: 617851

8. Make a glitter disco ball from a paper lantern.

Get the tutorial here.

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9. Make easy glitter balloons.

Learn how.

ID: 604778

10. Galaxy Play-Doh for the kids.

And for the adults! I want this. Get the magic recipe here.

ID: 604794

11. Glitz up an old pair of sneakers.

Get the tutorial here.

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12. Make an Oreo olallieberry chocolate layer cake with gold flake toppping.

Here’s the recipe.

ID: 604866

13. Glittery cake bunting.

Learn how to make this little cake display here.

ID: 604878

14. Wrap a present with glitter ribbon.

You could make it with loose glitter and glue, or just buy some from Etsy.

ID: 604887

15. Make glitter votives and table settings for your next dinner party.

Get more information here.

ID: 604891

16. Transform a boring candle.

Get the directions here.

ID: 604912

17. Transform a mason jar.

See the tutorial here.

ID: 604922

18. Glitterize the soles of your pumps.

See the full DIY here.

ID: 604956

19. Make your own glitter ring.

Get the directions here.

ID: 609311

20. Glitterize a concrete floor.

Get the directions here.

ID: 610955

21. Make the cutest little glitter magnets ever.

Directions here.

ID: 610957

22. Put a drink on a glitter coaster.

Get the DIY here.

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23. Glue glitter and rhinestones to a camera strap.

More info and pictures here.

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24. Turn an old iPhone case into an ombré glitter iPhone case.

Directions here.

ID: 610961

25. Update a pair of ankle boots.

ID: 610962

26. Update your sunglasses.

Follow this tutorial on how to get glitter sunglasses.

ID: 611010

27. Create your own glitter temporary tattoos.

The clever ingredient in this DIY is eyelash glue.

ID: 611013

28. Finally be able to tell your keys apart with glitter.

Get the tutorial for glitter keys.

ID: 611023

29. Easily make glitter nail polish.

Full instructions here.

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30. Turn all your thumbtacks into sparkly ones.

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 611026

31. Sequin your walls.

Get the DIY here.

ID: 617891

32. Glitterize the top of a desk.

DIY instructions are here.

ID: 611027

33. Add glitter to wooden utensils.

ID: 611536

34. Make your own glitter crayons.

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 617863

35. Add sequins to a pocket skirt.

This project requires NO sewing!

ID: 617885

36. Glitterize a pair of tights for the fall.

Get the directions here.

ID: 618160

37. Knock off these triangle earrings.

They’re originally from ASOS, but you could make your own pair for much cheaper.

ID: 618144

38. Reuse old glitter nail polish by decorating bobby pins.

ID: 617919

39. Make a glitter picture frame.

The full directions are here.

ID: 617924

40. Update an old button-down with a glittery collar.

Get the directions here.

ID: 617934

41. Cover a bottle of champagne in glitter to give as a gift.

ID: 618123

42. Make a sequin-wrapped ring.

Martha’s got the tutorial.

ID: 617893

43. Make a sparkly headband.

ID: 622091

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