38 Clever Christmas Food Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Christmas doesn’t have to be the most stressful holiday of the year. You’re totally allowed to take shortcuts, especially if you’re playing host.

1. Decorate upside-down waffle cones to make Christmas tree desserts.

It’s a more manageable alternative to the perennial gingerbread house.

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2. Make “Elf Cookies” using Cheerios.

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3. Store your ice cream in a Ziploc bag so it doesn’t get too hard.

It’ll be soft and ready to serve.

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4. Make hard-boiled eggs en masse in the oven.

Place the eggs in a muffin tray so they do not move around, turn the oven to 325º, and pop them in for about 25 to 30 minutes. Not only are they tastier, but they also are much easier to peel!

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5. Use your leftover egg cartons to store ornaments.

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6. Pulverize candy cane dust in a food processor or blender and add to EVERYTHING.

Icing, cookies, ice cream, mousse, hot chocolate, and cocktail rims are just a few ideas.

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7. Make bulk French toast in the Crock-Pot for brunch.

Get the full directions here.

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8. Make lattice-pie mug toppers for your mulled cider.

Get the full directions here

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9. For a no-cook snack, make Santa strawberries.

Get the recipe here.

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10. Freeze whipped cream dollops for a hot chocolate bar.

They’ll get melty once placed into a hot mug of cocoa.

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11. Draw Christmas trees on parchment paper using melted chocolate.

Place in the fridge to harden. Once it’s done, you have a lovely cake decoration.

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12. Make a snowman pizza.

Pizza is now an official holiday food! And you can feed a multitude by making three pizzas in one.

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13. Make a large serving of hot chocolate in the Crock-Pot.

This recipe for Crock-Pot coconut hot chocolate looks amazing.

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14. Make Rice Krispie Treats with hot chocolate.

Get the recipe here.

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15. Turn candy into Christmas lights.

Use as a cupcake topper, or string them around a cake.

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16. Use a potato peeler to make chocolate peels for garnishes.

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17. Easily make a large batch of French toast in your oven for Christmas breakfast.

Get the recipe and directions here.

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18. If it’s snowing outside, make snow ice cream.

It only requires two other ingredients. Get the directions here.

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19. Set out small candles for a s’mores bar.

Requires no cooking on your part!

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20. Easy hot chocolate stirrers: Stick marshmallows on the end of straws or candy cane sticks.

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21. Two candy canes glued together makes the easiest place card settings or food labels.

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22. Turn your napkins into elf hats.

Watch the video here for the instructions.

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23. Use Christmas cookie cutters to make pancake shapes.

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24. You can bake brownies in cookie cutters too.

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25. Repurpose Pringles cans for storing and gifting home-baked cookies.

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26. Build a gingerbread house with graham crackers.

Get a recipe for “Royal Icing” aka “Seven Minute Cement.”

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27. The five-ingredient no-bake fruitcake

Keep in mind that this needs eight hours to chill and it makes a very rich fruitcake.

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28. Use condiment bottles filled with icing to decorate cookies.

A great way to let the kids help.

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29. Set the condiment bottle in warm water for drizzling chocolate.

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30. Use the bottom of a crystal glass to imprint shortbread cookies.

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31. Use dental floss for cranberry or popcorn garlands.

The items will glide on more easily.

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32. Place cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker for Christmas morning.

Just use the canned kind for a breakfast that can be prepared in minutes.

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33. Reuse cereal boxes for impromptu gift packaging.

Get the instructions here.

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34. Use gingerbread frosting flavoring to make these adorable gingerbread man Jell-O shots.

It can be very difficult (and expensive!) trying to get the perfect gingerbread flavor by mixing liqueurs. This one only requires gingerbread flavoring, sweetened condensed milk, water, gelatin, and vodka. Get the recipe here.

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35. Snowman doughnuts

Easily turn store-bought doughnuts into fun treats for the kids. Get the directions here.

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36. Dip cookie cutters in flour first to help sugar cookies retain their shape.

The dough slides out more easily. This trick comes courtesy of Sweetopia.

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37. Possibly the simplest centerpiece ever.

Just add shiny peppermint candies to a tray.

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38. One dough, six cookies.

This recipe for cookie dough can potentially make six different kinds of cookies.

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