33 Clever And Adorable DIY Advent Calendars

Out of all possible Christmas decorations, Advent calendars definitely packs the most cuteness potential. Especially if you are a lover of tiny things.

1. The Paper Bag Advent Calendar

Paper bags, stencils and some pretty tape is all that you need.

ID: 716601

Here’s one that uses string and clothespins.

ID: 717691

2. The Recycled Cardboard Box Calendar

ID: 717668

3. The Jewelry Gift Box Calendar

ID: 717677

4. The Envelope Calendar

ID: 717738

5. The Advent Calendar of Clues

Each sheet of paper holds a clue as to where the present is hidden in the house.

ID: 717761

6. The Tiny Village Advent Calendar

This calendar is actually a free printable from MrPrintables.

ID: 718002

7. The Simple Triangle Advent Calendar

ID: 718087

8. The Geometric Box Calendar

Get the instructions and printable here.

ID: 718091

9. Advent in a Jar

Get the directions and download the template here.

ID: 718184

10. The Magnetic Tin Advent Calendar

You can put tiny gifts in the tins, and reuse them as spice jars after the holidays.

ID: 718877

11. An Advent Calendar Bunting

ID: 718591

12. A Cute Critter Advent Display

ID: 718595

13. The Clothes Hanger Advent Calendar

ID: 718597

14. The Framed Advent Calendar

ID: 718614

15. Advent Calendar, Stuffed in a Suitcase

ID: 718823

16. Repurposed Crate and Ornament Advent Calendar

Get the directions here.

ID: 718858

17. Hanging Advent Calendar with Bunting

ID: 718868

18. The Potted Plant Advent Calendar

This one is from Pottery Barn, but you could easily make one yourself.

ID: 718873

19. Easy Fabric Advent Calendar

The fabric is cut with pinking shears so that the project requires less sewing.

ID: 718907

20. The Stacked-Can Calendar

ID: 718910

21. The Watercolor Advent Calendar

ID: 718913

22. The Toilet Paper–Roll House Calendar

Get the directions here.

ID: 718924

23. Calendar Using Jars Dipped in Paint

Invent your own color scheme!

ID: 718931

24. The Tiny Tree Calendar

ID: 718938

25. Animal Motif Calendar

These animals were photocopied out of this book.

ID: 718941

26. The Chalkboard Advent Calendar

ID: 718956

27. The Tiny Matchbox Calendar

Get the directions here.

ID: 718965

28. The Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

These bottles were actually originally used as table numbers at a wedding.

ID: 718998

29. The Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

ID: 719009

30. The Fancy Clothespin Advent Calendar

Use washi tape and stamps for a super-easy DIY project.

ID: 719051

31. The Library Pocket Calendar

Get the directions here.

ID: 719091

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