31 Redneck DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

You can go ahead and keep your bourgeois “life hacks.”

1. Boiler Pot Hot Tub

Also doubles as a fast and easy way to boil crawdads.

ID: 1129306

2. Duct Tape Hammock

ID: 1129319

3. Tennis Racket Strainer

It even has a cushioned handle. So take that, colander!

ID: 1129324

4. Wifebeater Baby Carrier

That’s one of the happiest looking babies I’ve ever seen.

ID: 1129334

5. Clothes Hanger Muffler Fix


ID: 1129346

6. Snow Beer Cooler

Brilliant AND energy-saving.

ID: 1131161

7. Armchair Car Seats

ID: 1129350

8. Fan Leaf Blower

Aren’t normal leaf blowers SO loud and annoying? This method is way more respectful towards the neighborhood.

ID: 1129356

9. Beer Can Hot Rollers

The beer cans retain heat so you’ll get lasting big bouncy curls.

ID: 1129379

10. Duct Tape Drink Holder

ID: 1129517

11. Sofa Bunk Beds

Doubles as tiered home cinema seating.

ID: 1129382

12. SUV Water Skiing

This guy is having so much more fun than anyone has had in the Hamptons, ever.

ID: 1129385

13. $2 Spoiler

ID: 1129393

14. Mason Jar Mailbox

So much more functional than keeping candles in them or whatever it is people do on Pinterest.

ID: 1129410

15. Toilet Senior Scooter

ID: 1129428

16. Plastic Fork Razors

If you actually pay $15 for a Mach III razor, you’re a chump.

ID: 1129434

17. Makeshift Side Mirror

ID: 1129513

18. Bungee Cord Computer Holder

So handy on long road trips!

ID: 1129519

19. Popcorn Smoke Alarm

ID: 1129443

20. Drink Tray Visor

This is one of the more sustainable uses I’ve ever seen for a styrofoam drink tray.

ID: 1129539

21. Flat Screen TV Installation

ID: 1129455

22. Pick Up Truck Swimming Pool

Can you do this with your silly little Volkswagen??

ID: 1129460

23. Rooftop Slip n’ Slide


ID: 1131085

24. DIY Air Pump

Seems legit.

ID: 1129521

25. Patio Chair BBQ Grill

ID: 1129470

26. Washing Machine Beer Cooler

This is a life-changing tip of the day if I ever saw one.

ID: 1129501

27. Power Drill Mixer

As is this one.

ID: 1129512

28. Ruler/Can Lid Pizza Cutter

This kind of deserves a Nobel Prize.

ID: 1131790

29. Home Stereo Car Stereo

You can make mix tapes WHILE you’re driving! (Don’t do that.)

ID: 1131158

31. Impromptu Roof Deck

A patio with a view.

ID: 1129634

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