22 Reasons Why Design Was More Awesome In The ’80s

They may have been way more advanced back then. Disclaimer: if you don’t love unicorns and rainbows, you might be inclined to disagree.

1. They put the “computer” in computer graphics.

ID: 414587

2. They really knew how to portray the human body in fantastical ways.

ID: 414511

3. “Sprinkle Explosion” was an actual motif.

ID: 414512

4. The logo design was cooler.

ID: 414532

5. They knew how to combine the randomest shit in the awesomest of ways.

ID: 415467

6. The girls were hot.

ID: 414559

7. The cars were really bad-ass.

ID: 414561

9. Music was a totally psychadelic experience.

ID: 415740

10. The ads were awesome.

ID: 414611

11. The sweaters were better back then.

ID: 415476

12. The stickers were better.

ID: 415485

13. They had a disturbing, dystopian view of the future.

ID: 415554

14. The magazine covers were amazing.

ID: 415602

15. These patterned shirts.

ID: 415671

16. Televisions seemed like a portal into the future.

ID: 416317

17. They had better movie posters.

ID: 415918

18. The album covers were better.

ID: 416373

19. They really understood the complexity of the human brain.

ID: 416386

20. They were experts on surrealism.

What does this mean??

ID: 417020

21. This furniture.

Memphis Designs.

ID: 419333

22. They incorporated a lot of rainbows.

ID: 416425

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