22 Clever Hiding Places To Stash Your Stuff

That underwear drawer just won’t cut it anymore.

1. Hidden Bathroom Tile Storage

ID: 522438

2. Secret Wall Outlet Hiding Place

Cost: $10.

ID: 522441

3. Entertainment Center Storage

This is more for organizational purposes than hiding, although I suppose you could stash some embarrassing DVDs in there.

ID: 519097

4. Photo Frame Secret Box

ID: 522452

5. Hidden Liquor Cabinet

ID: 522468

6. Toe Kick Base Cabinet Storage

ID: 522543

7. Staircase Trap Door

ID: 522476

8. Secret Armoir Bed

You can keep your secret sex dungeon in there.

ID: 522480

9. Hidden Liquor in a Card Catalog Cabinet

ID: 522491

10. DIY Doortop Stash

Get the directions from Makezine.

ID: 522497

11. Camouflaged Refrigerator

ID: 522549

12. Hidden Compartment Jewelry

ID: 522571

13. DIY Jewelry Storage Box

Get the instructions here.

ID: 522573

14. Storage Computer Keyboard

ID: 522579

15. Bathtub with Stowaway Storage

ID: 523025

16. DIY Air Vent Vault Kit

A little pricey, at $259, but look at all the stuff you can hide!

ID: 523226

17. Head of Iceberg Lettuce

This is actually fake plastic lettuce that’s hollow inside. It costs $99.

ID: 523244

18. Bar in the Staircase

ID: 523321

19. Sunscreen Valuables Container

ID: 525883

20. DIY Key Concealer

Glue a rock to the top of a medicine bottle and “plant” in the yard.

ID: 526643

21. Deodorant Contraband Pocket

ID: 526659

22. Ultimate Hiding Place: A Hollow Dildo

No one will ever want to touch that.

ID: 526676

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