60 Signs You Studied Sociology In College

We understand so much, but we can do so little.

1. You have a love-hate relationship with Karl Marx.

He was wrong about everything! He was right about everything!

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2. You know how Weber would interpret conservative policies against public assistance programs.

Protestant Ethic, anyone?

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3. You use Durkheim to understand mob mentality.

Collective effervescence, fuck yeah!

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4. You’re all about that intersectionality.


ID: 1896147

5. You sigh when people mix up sex and gender.

They’re completely different. Oh, Zimmerman and West, don’t even get me started.

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6. You know that everything, at least in part, is socially constructed.

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But, no, actually I’m not sorry.

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7. Biological determinism makes you puke.

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8. Bourdieu and Foucault get you hot and heavy.

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If only you could understand their original writings…

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9. You hear a lot of people’s opinions on social reality, and they’re mostly wrong.

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“Actually, recent studies show that…”

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10. So you spend a lot of time explaining why things happen the way they do.

To very little effect.

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11. You see data where others do not.

It’s everywhere! Every social interaction! It’s beautiful!

ID: 1896349

12. You know that the intuitive is not always the truth.

Reality is always so much more complex.

ID: 1896223

13. Which is why nothing bothers you more than attempts to use personal anecdotes to refute research.

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ID: 1896232

14. You always resist entitlement by checking yourself on your own privileges.

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ID: 1896258

15. You give others the benefit of the doubt, by considering their disadvantages.

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ID: 1896275

16. You realize that most conservative politicians have no clue what they’re talking about.

Like, they think poverty doesn’t exist or something.

ID: 1896292

17. When Justice Scalia said sociologists were undecided about the effects of same-sex parenting on children, you were furious.

ID: 1896310

18. But you know that’s all to blame on this guy.

Regnerus’s methodology was so bad. Like, pathetically bad.

ID: 1896320



ID: 1897379

20. Because you’re (not so) secretly a total socialist.

ID: 1897395

21. Which is why Wilkinson & Pickett’s research on societal inequality validates everything you believe.

ID: 1897410

22. Though sometimes you do wonder if you’re too liberal.

ID: 1897450

23. But then you remember that it’s all supported by science.

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It feels good to be empirically correct

ID: 1897460

24. You hear “sociology isn’t a science” all the time.

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What do you think science is then? Chemicals in a beaker?

ID: 1897474

25. 25. And you think “Fine, say goodbye to any enlightened social policy then…”

ID: 1897484

26. You’ve given up on trying to bridge the “natural science vs social science” divide.

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Some day they’ll all come around and realize we’re both doing the same thing.

ID: 1898010

27. You roll your eyes when you hear people say that science is totally objective.

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As if such a thing were even possible

ID: 1897628

28. You see how everything is interconnected.

Why are Americans opposed to polygamy? Because slavery. (No but really.)

ID: 1897495

29. So sometimes you wonder if social reality is just too complex for humans to ever truly understand.

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ID: 1897548

30. And then you stare out the window, pondering if our field will ever discover a single theory that explains all of social reality.

ID: 1897574

31. Sometimes you think social psychology is a bit of a redundant discipline.

ID: 1897651

32. But mostly because you wish psychology, anthropology, and economics would all just join forces with you.

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The disciplines need to stop using different terms for the same thing…

ID: 1897659

33. You know that so much amazing research could be done if only it weren’t for those darn ethical codes.

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ID: 1897669

34. You’re a feminist.

Wear that badge with honor!

ID: 1897710

35. You get pissed off at people who claim that they’re “color blind,” in terms of race.


ID: 1897718

36. You’re ashamed by how few people analyze society along lines of class.

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ID: 1897745

37. You want to raise your children without gendered expectations.


ID: 1897763

38. You realize that racism is so much more than using slurs.

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It’s how all of society is structured!

ID: 1897780

39. You see heteronormativity EVERYWHERE.

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RuPaul ain’t gonna fix it all, honey.

ID: 1897800

40. Sometimes the feminization of poverty just makes you want to cry.

ID: 1897810

41. Culture of poverty theory advocates make you want to scream.

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One myopic ideology to rule them all.

ID: 1897825

42. You’re shocked by how sexist Disney movies are.

If only the music wasn’t so good!

ID: 1897833

43. The criminal justice system horrifies you.

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Spoiler: It’s super racist and classist.

ID: 1897867

44. The education system disgusts you.

Spoiler: It’s super racist and classist.

ID: 1897879

45. The political system repulses you.

Spoiler: It’s super racist and classist.

ID: 1897884

46. You often daydream of a utopian society without gender, race, or class.

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And then you remember that hunter-gatherer societies are pretty damn close, but you like modern technology and medicine too.

ID: 1897897

47. You frequently use sociology buzz words, like “systemic, institution, binary, construction, and hegemonic.”

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ID: 1897989

48. And more ‘progressive’ terms, like “queer people, indigenous peoples, people of color, socio-economic status, gender identity minorities.”

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They’re more respectful AND more accurate.

ID: 1897996

49. You’re not sure if you’re a conflict theorist, symbolic interactionist, or structural functionalist.

ID: 1899623

50. Or, for that matter, if you’re a positivist or interpretivist.

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ID: 1899632

51. Or, for THAT matter, a post-positivist or constructivist.

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ID: 1899638

52. …Or critical realist?

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ID: 1899645

53. You’re often haunted by the realization that morality is completely relative.

ID: 1899651

54. You know how to fix all of the world’s social problems.

Just make everyone take a sociology course!

ID: 1899661

55. You’re surprisingly good at statistics.

You’ve got to interpret the output in those journal articles!

ID: 1899670

56. But no other type of math. At all.

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ID: 1899672

57. It feels like you only study the bad parts about society, which has made you a bit of a cynic.

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ID: 1899683

58. So you’ve taken all of society’s burdens upon your shoulders.

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And now you understand why Durkheim’s peers called him the metaphysician..

ID: 1899699

59. Which likely explains your alcohol consumption.

Universal Pictures / Via postgradproblems.com

(Although the frequency at which your parents drank during your childhood better predicts your future drinking habits.)

ID: 1899703

60. But most of all, you love studying the science of how society works, and the insight it has given you is invaluable.

ID: 1899720

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