12 Problems Only Nail Art Lovers Will Understand

The striping-tape struggle is real.

1. Finding a place that sells THAT colour for THAT look with THAT finish.

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2. You then come across as a crazy person when you tell the salesperson what you want.

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3. Following this, you spend a world of money on whackadoodie nail colours and tools for future use, only to find them dried, missing or broken in your vanity 1938 years later.

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4. Plus you want to get home to create said look, but you can’t until you’ve been productive in the “real world”.

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5. But when you finally get home and start creating the look, you somehow can’t get the design right on that ONE nail.

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6. When your nail tutorial has the vaguest instructions ever.

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7. But you DO learn that your look involves using striping tape. ‘Nuff said.

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8. So you somehow manage to finish the look, but then you’re too excited to wait for your nails to dry.

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9. You finally give up on that nail and go on with your life, but can’t deal with it not being perfect.

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10. You somehow find the patience to wait out the storm, but somehow accidentally ruin your nails anyway.

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11. And when you finally get it all done and go see your friends, and nobody even notices.

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12. But the biggest problem of them all? Trying to explain the anxiety caused by all of the above to someone, but they don’t understand.

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Don’t stress, though.

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