“Arrested Development” Fan Art You Can Own

The release of the new episodes of Arrested Development are only a few days away, and it looks like the makers of Etsy are as excited about it as everyone else!

1. World’s Best Analrapist Mug

ID: 1140234

2. Chicken Dance Print

ID: 1140247

3. Frozen Banana Stand Action Set

ID: 1140269

4. Bluth Family Nesting Dolls

ID: 1140314

5. Bluth Family Poster Set

ID: 1140279

6. Lucille Bluth Portrait

ID: 1140288

7. Lucille Bluth magnet set

ID: 1140238

8. Gob Nouveau Print

ID: 1140333

9. I’ve Made a Huge Mistake Cross stitch

ID: 1140262

10. Loose Seal Onesie

ID: 1140294

11. GOB Bluth & Franklin Wooden Peg

ID: 1140302

12. Steve Holt Cross stitch

ID: 1140304

13. Never Nude necklace

ID: 1140329

14. I Just Blue Myself Patch

ID: 1140337

15. A Trick Is Something A Whore Does For Money… Or Candy! Cross Stitch

ID: 1140357

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