11 Things To Help You If Your New Years Resolution Is To Smoke More Pot

Loosing weight, quitting smoking, drinking less all of these resolutions are about depriving yourself. Well, I for one applaud those among us that have made resolutions that are about bringing more joy into their life! Here’s some stuff that could help the people who have made the resolution to smoke more pot. Colorado, I’m looking in your direction!

1. Sloth Grinder

ID: 2242965

2. Bong print

ID: 2242969

3. Hemp and Cannabis Cooking from Mountain High Pharms - cookbook

ID: 2242954

4. Dope on a Rope Soap - Hemp Soap

ID: 2242943

5. Dig for Victory Grow Your Own Poster

ID: 2242949

6. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - ceramic handmade pipe

ID: 2242937

7. Glass R2D2 Art Pipe

ID: 2242934

8. Top Tin Galaxy Stash Necklace

ID: 2242932

9. Spock promoting the Cannabis Leaf POSTER

ID: 2242962

10. Moustache Stash Jar

ID: 2242927

11. Jah Over Evil Poster

ID: 2242963

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