10 Times Anthony Mackie Proved To Be The King Of Interviews

He recently joined the Marvel Universe as The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and couldn’t be more thrilled about it.


Anthony visits “The Tonight Show”, talks about The Falcon’s relationship with Black Widow, and hilariously delivers commentary for a clip from “The Winter Soldier.”


Anthony visits “Ellen” and talks home renovation and dumpster diving. “If you haven’t dumpster dived, you haven’t lived!”


Anthony is asked to give his best “cool face” and doesn’t change his expression.


Anthony visits “Conan” and talks about his friend/co-star Ryan Gosling (and yes, compares him to cake).


Anthony explains his disappointment with not being able to wear spandex.


Anthony talks about feeling confident in his Falcon costume and compares himself to Chris Evans.


At a press conference for “The Winter Soldier”, Anthony interrupts during a question about other studios making Marvel films.


Anthony reveals and explains the nickname he has for Chris Evans.


Anthony adorably interacts with a dog and talks about stunts and The Avengers.


Anthony tries to get his AMC card renewed and ends a comment with a mic drop.

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