QUIZ: Eye Contact

Can you recognize these actors from their eyes only? That guy from that thing is a totally acceptable answer.


1.Nick Cage
2.Chris Walken
3.Louis C.K.
4.Kevin Spacey
5.Liam Neeson
6.Morgan Freeman
7.Steve Carell
8.Bryan Cranston
9.Dave Chappelle
10.Bill Nye
11.Danny Trejo
12.Sir Patrick Stewart
13.Jack Black
14.James Franco
15.Jackie Chan
16.Elijah Wood
17.Kevin Hart
18.Ricky Gervais
19.George Lopez
20.Keanu Reeves
21.Hugh Laurie
22.Robert De Niro
23.Robert Downey Jr.
24.Jack Nicholson
25.Sam L. Jackson
26.Michael Cera
27.Tom Hanks
28.John Goodman
29.Denzel Washington
30.Ben Affleck
31.Matt Damon
32.Aziz Ansari
33.Danny Glover
34.Ben Stiller
35.Brad Pitt
36.Christian Bale
37.Bruce Willis
38.John Travolta
39.Will Smith
40.Tom Cruise
41.Leo DiCaprio
42.Russell Crowe
43.Jon Hamm
44.Joseph Gordon-Levitt
45.Heath Ledger
46.Stephen Colbert
47.Robin Williams
48.George Clooney
49.Alec Baldwin
50.Harrison Ford
51.Shia Labeouf
52.Paul Giamatti
53.Jamie Foxx
54.Woody Harrelson
55.Ian McKellen
56.Phillop Seymour Hoffman
57.Jeff Bridges
58.Zach Galifianakis
59.Tommy Lee Jones
60.Sean Connery
61.Will Ferrell
62.John C. Reilly
63.Joaquin Phoenix
64.Edward Norton
65.Clint Eastwood
66.John Malkovich
67.Bill Murray
68.Owen Wilson
69.Harvey Keitel
70.Mel Gibson
71.Anthony Hopkins
72.Don Cheadle
73.Willem DaFoe
74.Rowan Atkinson
75.Neil Patrick Harris
76.Bruce Willis
77.Eddie Murphy
78.Charlie Murphy
79.George Clooney
80.Peter Dinklage
81.Tim Roth
82.Ving Rhames
83.Benicio del Toro
84.Joe Pesci
85.Dustin Hoffman
86.Jerry Seinfeld
87.Conan O’Brien
88.Andy Samberg
89.Seth Rogan
90.Jason Statham
91.Gary Busey
92.Jake Gyllenhaal
93.Louis Guzman
94.Jim Carrey
95.Stephen Fry
96.Chevy Chase
97.Lawrence Fishburne
98.Steve Martin
99.Jaleel White
100. Steve Buscemi

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