Good Looking People Protecting Walls

For some unknown reason lots of good looking people are overprotective of their walls.

1. “I am very protective of my wall.”

2. “I will protect this wall with my fairy powers. For I am a fairy.”

3. “I do not need underwear to protect this wall.”

4. “I will nonchalantly protect this wall.”

5. “I will protect this wall with my ample bosom.”

6. “I am not peeing against this wall. I am protecting it.”

7. “I am very uncomfortable protecting this wall.”

8. “We will all protect this wall. Together. As friends.”

9. “I am wearing my best green trainers and hitchhiking. I am also protecting this wall.”

10. “I will protect this wall with my bottom.”

11. “I will protect this wall from grafitti. Oh…damn.”

12. “I am very happy protecting this wall.”

13. “I have failed to protect this wall.”

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