Its A White People Thing…

Things that only white people do.

1. They are the oringal Nazis. Grammer Nazis that is, they love to correct immigrants grammer and speech

ID: 1141349

2. They love Cards for every occasions

ID: 1140407

3. They go crazy and run to the streets when they see Santa by a fire truck

ID: 1140486

4. They don’t know that you can wash dish by hand, god forbid that the dishwasher is broken or being used…

ID: 1140539

5. They only like to use “monogrammed paper towels”

ID: 1140619

6. I dont even know what monogrammed means… Its a white people word.

ID: 1140624

7. They don’t know what a mop is

ID: 1140630

8. They know how to swiffer

ID: 1140654

9. They line up for hours ahead of the 3rd day of a dance show at a high school

ID: 1140572

10. They can’t function without these two things in the lives

ID: 1140532

11. God forbid they have to use store brand ketchup, Its a sin if its not Heinz…

ID: 1140673

12. They take pride in keeping a race of people employed

ID: 1140708

13. They think its fun to get on ice and beat each other with sticks

ID: 1140757

14. The like big black man that just say SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER

ID: 1140775

15. They like it so much the make looping videos of it…

ID: 1140779

16. They also have a candy version

ID: 1140788

17. They like new cars, but don’t see a need to clean them

ID: 1140802

18. Its like they just discovered Frozen yogurt.

ID: 1140820

19. White people like Diversity

ID: 1140838

20. But alarms go off if this guy moves into the neghberhood.

ID: 1140876

21. They get depressed if they dont travel somewhere every 6 months

ID: 1140911

22. And when they do, they like to travel on cruises

ID: 1140903

23. They like to Zumba

ID: 1140948

24. Wineries

ID: 1140958

25. Seriously I googled black people at wineries and this image comes up… need I say more?

ID: 1140965

26. Being an expert on YOUR culture

ID: 1140977

27. Arrested Devolpment, as much as I love the show this is a white person thing. Find me a Black or Hispanic that knows what this is.

ID: 1140997

28. Renovations - They love to spend their money fixing perfectly good things.

ID: 1141058

29. Friends is more important to them than religion is

ID: 1141079

30. All they like to do on weekends is watch 90’s sitcoms

ID: 1141088

31. Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy

ID: 1141113

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