22 Reasons To Enjoy The 22nd Birthday Of "Terminator 2"

Judgment Day turns the big 2-2 on July…3rd. It’s quite possibly the greatest action movie of all time.

1. 1) Bro Love

Just a boy and his robot.

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2. 2) The Best of Linda Hamilton

“MOM! Your career is pretty much over, after this!”

ID: 1320551

3. 3) Milk, it Does a Body Good!

ID: 1320583

4. 4) Teamwork

Arnold and Linda need guns…
The mayor of Eureka (Joe Morton) needs only his fist.

ID: 1320552

5. 5) Awesome Special Effects

“What? Do…do you think it’s noticeable? “

ID: 1320557

“Hey, wha’ happen?”

ID: 1320580

“Is it cold in here, or is it just my shattered arm?”

ID: 1320648

8. 6) Build Your Own Terminator Out of Legos!

Megabloks suck!

ID: 1320550

9. 7) Fuck You, You Little Dipshit!”

ID: 1320614

10. 8) Super Powers

John Connor shows the Terminator how to levitate a knife using only his mental powers.

ID: 1320562

11. 9) Eddie Furlong’s Teenage Angst

ID: 1320574

13. 10) The Doctor Gets His Ass Kicked

Come on, just pump him full of that blue shit! Make him a smurf or dead or whatever.

ID: 1320629

14. 11) Skin is for Sucks!


ID: 1320630

15. 12) James Cameron…Before He Turned Everyone Blue

“So, now I say ‘I’ll be back?’ again?”

ID: 1320565

16. 13) Play Some T2 Games

Like this boring-looking board game.

ID: 1320563

Or the original NES game.

ID: 1320567

18. 14) Copying Innocent Weirdos

Get a few thousand of your own Poker Coffee Cups and try your luck.

ID: 1320631

19. 15) Um…Weird Shit!

Are we sure he should be working at the mental hospital?

ID: 1320571

20. 16) Big Guns

“Say hello to my little friend!”

ID: 1320577

21. 17) Nikki Cox

Little Nikki has a brief appearance trying to pick up a cop before she heads to Las Vegas.

ID: 1320578

22. 18) Sight Gags


ID: 1325564

23. 19) Awkward Encounters

“I shall now eat this baby to power my fuel reserves.”

ID: 1320588

Can you believe no one has picked up this mint condition high-five card?!

ID: 1320591

25. 20) Idiot Civilians

“Are those bullets? I love bullets!”

ID: 1325575

26. 21) Nuking Little Kids

Did something bad happen or is this just how L.A. looks all the time?

ID: 1320600

27. 22) The Governator

“You’re the new house keeper? Welcome. I’ll be on your back — I mean, I’ll be back. I say that to everybody.”

ID: 1320603
Quick, go watch the greatest action flick of all time…before Arnold ruins it, again.

Happy 22, T2!

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