The 12 Most Relatable Quotes From “The Grinch”

Most likely you’re not a green, hairy, Christmas hating beast. But there’s something about the Grinch that you find relatable.

1. Because sometimes, you’ll find any excuse not to leave the house. / Via Universal Pictures

2. Because you’ve already had dinner, dessert, a snack, and you still feel hungry. / Via Universal Pictures

3. Because even with all the clothes in your closet, you never have anything to wear. / Via Universal Pictures

4. Because even though you can’t stand that Miley Cyrus song, you have to admit it’s just so damn catchy.

Universal Pictures / Via

5. Because you’re not a people person and probably never will be. / Via Universal Pictures

6. Because your 3 day Netflix marathon just came to an end. / Via Universal Pictures

7. Because once again your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym. / Via Universal Pictures

8. Because “keep calm and carry on” is certainly not your philosophy.

Universal Pictures / Via

9. Because who needs friends really?

Universal Pictures / Via

10. Because occasionally you let your emotions get the best of you. / Via Universal Pictures

11. Because some people will never understand your sarcasm.

Universal Pictures / Via

12. And lastly, because it’s just not easy being you. / Via Universal Pictures

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