Roxanne Weber
Roxanne is an online web consultant and freelance web content writer. Interests include photography, art, and music, and most recently, politics and writing as a self-declared journalist.
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  • Is Gay Marriage Really a ‘Right’?

    Since the November election, gay rights activists have been foaming at the mouth over lost opportunity for gay marriage legislation. But all these efforts must beg the question, “Just why should gay rights include marriages that mimic those of heterosexual marriages?”

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago 2 responses

  • The Favreau Effect - AKA, the Dangerous Side of Social Media

    In today’s world, all it takes is two hours to ruin a lifetime of work and effort. Most interesting though is that behaviors haven’t changed for the better - just the medium of exposing those who behave in stupid, sexist, degrading, and wildly tasteless ways. Perhaps this event will go down in political history as the “Favreau effect” - what not to do right before you start a job with a new new presidential administration.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • O.J. Sentenced to Nine Years Jail Time

    For years many felt that O.J. Simpson deserved to be behind bars, and now their wish has come true. Today O.J. was sentenced to what will be at minimum, nine years in prison for his part in a 2007 hotel raid. Simpson was charged with robbing collectible dealers of thousands of dollars in sports memorabilia.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • A Palin-esque Social Media World - Good Or Bad?

    As President-elect Barack Obama’s transition teams wind up for an historic inaugural event on January 20th, the campaign machine is still running strong. This time though, instead of an election the Obama team is constructing a new direction in government administration. What many may overlook, however, is whether or not this is really such a good idea.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • ATTENTION Car Buyers - Buy One, Get One Free in Miami

    with all the talk of an Automaker bailout in Washington, what seems to be ignored is the fact that the hit to auto makers is not just relegated to U.S. made cars. Honda, Toyota and Nissan profits have also dipped as sales have dropped by nearly 40%. That drop is not as large as the nearly 50% drop for American manufacturers, but it indicates that the problem is an economic shift, not something that requires a bailout at a time when everyone is being hit hard.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • New Contract Proves Social Media Connections Work

    I have several social media accounts including a Twitter account, a book club account, Facebook and many others. Recently these efforts have been fruitful in helping me obtain a new contract, proof positive that social media efforts help not just businesses, but individuals as well!

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Debate Over Marijuana Use Heats Up in SD

    The Presidential election year may be over, but for folks at South Dakotans for Safe Access the election is just beginning, for 2010 of course. The group has recently announced it’s intent to submit a proposed medical cannabis law for consideration by the 2009 South Dakota Legislature. If those efforts fail, the group is fully poised to begin the process of getting a public referendum on the ballot in 2010.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Second Life Virtual World Isn’t Just About Sex Anymore

    There is much speculation that the virtual world will be so competitive with the “real world” at some point in the near future, that it behooves us to begin thinking about how this could affect even our real life economy. Instead of focusing on the trivialities of a Second Life affair, perhaps the news media would be more benefited by starting to ask the questions that are really news worthy, such as how this virtual world could encroach the reality who know of today.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Media As Watch Dog Dwindles As Palin Sightings at All-Time Highs

    In the days since the election Palin has been interviewing far and wide, and garnering a lot of attention for what appears to be nothing but old news and speculations. The media has allowed her to spout derogatory quips about her handlers, the McCain staffers, whom she referred to as “jerks”, and in general, how the media (yes, the same people interviewing her now) has not done their job, and should have “done more” to let the “truth” come out, whatever Sarah decided that truth to be, no doubt.

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Honda’s New Techno Gadget As Easy As Riding a Bike

    I’m not sure I completely understand the functional use of the newest Honda techno gadget, but I will admit it looks pretty cool! Honda recently released a new gadget that assists people with walking. No, it’s not a walker with an iPod attached either, but more like a bike without the wheels!

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Advice from an Older American On Why Change is Bad

    I voted for several ballot initiatives this year, but I was troubled with an older friend provided me with this advice “Just vote NO to everything. Change is bad, leaving things alone is better. You’re safer that way”. Thank goodness the majority of Americans didn’t feel that way about the Presidential election yesterday!

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago respond

  • Real Women Respond to Palin Webathon

    Only in American can one women with no real experience become a vice presidential candidate, and thousands of women, just like me, band together in opposition of her candidacy. Today only, October 30, 2008, is a LIVE Webathon where women like me provide their own responses to the Palin VP candidacy and to Palin as a politician in general. This, my dear friends, is history in the making!

    Roxanne Weber 6 years ago 1 response

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