10 Great Songs By The Baha Men

The Baha Men wrote this post… inadvertently.

1. You remember the Baha Men.

ID: 1211162

2. They sing that one song you LOVED in 2000.

ID: 1211163

3. The song that’s kept everyone on the edge of their seats for over a decade!

ID: 1211165

5. Well those big teases have a greatest hits album. An album that THEY titled “10 Great Songs.”

ID: 1211158

6. Essentially writing the Buzzfeed post…

ID: 1211174

7. The first track on the album is obviously Who Let The Dogs Out.

ID: 1211177

8. And the eighth song on the album is obviously a cover of an Elton John classic.

ID: 1211185

9. Oh I’m sorry. Was that not obvious?

ID: 1211203

10. Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself… “Does Steve Irwin make a cameo?”

ID: 1211205

11. 10. Great. Songs.

ID: 1211218

12. I’ll leave you alone to process that information.

ID: 1211209

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