Britney’s New Video, Debunked

a super important topic in society.

1. Typical Saturday night at the movie theater with the boys.

wearing short-shorts and black hosiery.

ID: 1356869

2. All of a sudden, a strange electrifying light zaps Brit

ID: 1356883

3. Those poor boys, they must be so frightened.

ID: 1356881

4. Their mother, who gave them life, is being zapped into an oblivion.

Nope. They’re grinning.

ID: 1356880

5. And then she’s gone.

bigger grins.

ID: 1356879

6. There she is! Zapped onto the screen!


ID: 1356878

8. Hi Mom!

No, I’m not freaked out that you are now on the screen.

ID: 1357014

9. OMG!

I’m equally ecstatic to be zapped and taken away from my children. I don’t know where I am or what’s happening.

ID: 1357030

10. Oh My!

A little blue girl sitting on my hand!

ID: 1357047

11. OMG I should totally break into song!

and dance!

ID: 1356891

12. “You don’t have to roll like a millionaire.”

ID: 1357127

14. “Baby I would go with you anywhere”

Come on Brit, didn’t you learn from the Kevin thing?

ID: 1357165

15. “You don’t have to wear no designer clothes.”

Said Britney, as she was wearing designer clothes.

ID: 1356909

16. “Nobody can get down like us.”

that’s pretty far down, Brit

ID: 1357190

show off

ID: 1356899

18. “We don’t stop till we get enough.”

Enough what? CANDY, obviously!

ID: 1356889

19. “I see that spark flashing in your eye.”

Through my “hand-made” telescope!

ID: 1357256

20. “Baby come with me and be my ooh la la”

Now what exactly is an ooh la la again?

ID: 1356890

21. Instrumental

the perfect time for a dance break.

ID: 1356906

22. Even the Smurfs join in the fun!

ID: 1356893

23. Twerking.

ID: 1356895

24. “Take my hand we can go all night.”

Go where? Smurfville?

ID: 1357312

25. “It feels so good I don’t want to stop”

We know it feels good to twerk Brit, but at some point, you will have to stop.

ID: 1357472

26. Instrumental.

perfect time to gaze lovingly at a female smurf.

ID: 1356886

27. Instrumental.

perfect time for an awkward family portrait.

ID: 1356887

28. “Baby come with me and be my ooh la la”

ID: 1357634

31. So Scandalous!

ID: 1357644

32. “Oops I did it again”

couldn’t help myself with that one.

ID: 1357658

33. Am I being too hard on Brit’s new video?

ID: 1357752

34. Watch it for yourself.

ID: 1357759

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