8 Times TV Characters Could Have Benefited From Obamacare

The new health insurance marketplaces are open, making it easy to find and compare affordable coverage so you don’t get stuck in a situation like these TV characters.

1. That time when Joey’s health insurance got cancelled … and he had a hernia.

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2. That time when Dr. Spaceman made Liz Lemon dance for her flu shot. (Which is now free, thanks to Obamacare. No dancing required.)

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3. That time when Nick couldn’t afford to pay a doctor when he gets sick … so he goes to see Jess’s friend, an OB-GYN.

ID: 1614149

4. That time when Marshall developed an irrational fear of bear attacks after he lost his health insurance.

ID: 1614162

5. That time when Dr. Altman had to marry her patient, just to ensure he had proper health insurance coverage.

ID: 1614207

6. That time when Hal had to spend a weekend protecting the kids from accidents (i.e., each other), when the Wilkersons lost their insurance.

ID: 1614234

7. That time when Sweet Dee had a heart attack, but couldn’t afford to pay for testing at the hospital…

ID: 1614231

…which delayed her return to dancing.

ID: 1614244

8. That time when Andy’s lack of visiting the doctor caught up with him. (Someone tell this guy Obamacare offers free preventive care.)

ID: 1614405

Don’t end up in a jam like these guys. Get the facts and get covered.

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