37 Tweets That Mexicans Would Understand

On Wednesday night, the hashtag #MexicanProblemsNight was trending on Twitter. These were some of the photos posted.

Some of the relatable topics addressed during last night’s hashtag party included:

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1. That little white plastic spoon is absolutely essential.

ID: 2833522

2. The equivalent of candy corn.

ID: 2833557

3. Opening up a De La Rosa Mazapan is an art form.

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4. What’s the difference between daytime and nighttime telenovelas? None.

If the first show you ever watched as a child was the daytime and nighttime novelas #mexicanproblemsnight

— ♛BIZZLE♛ (@BRollercoster)
ID: 2833480

5. Are you pessimistic about life? Blame Silvia Pinal.

Reason why older Mexican women believe the worst will happen #mexicanproblemsnight

— bruhhh bruhhh (@_ayyye_gabbyyy)
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6. There is never a dull moment in the house.

#mexicanproblemsnight -Mom, I'm bored -You are bored? Limpia los frijoles

— Heytale Pazguato!! (@HeytalePazguato)
ID: 2833488

7. Your mom always found a way to put you in check, even in front of God.

White moms vs Mexican moms in Church #mexicanproblemsnight

— Divergent (@mykingbizzle)
ID: 2833492

8. Who needs a hospital when you got Vick’s Vapor Rub?

You fall and #mexicanproblemsnight

— MICHAEL PLEASE (@britrishnarry)
ID: 2833517

9. Showing weakness in public is not an option.

#mexicanproblemsnight so true

— (@janohood69)
ID: 2833525

10. Mexican moms are always right. ALWAYS.

#mexicanproblemsnight when my mom realizes I'm right but won't admit it so she just says

— ♡gabrielle meredith♡ (@gabriellem1995)
ID: 2833511

11. Mexican moms are always looking out after your diet.


— ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (@_welovebrandonm)
ID: 2833528

12. Never ask this. ANYWHERE.


— Ana. (@_anatoodope)
ID: 2833574

13. That moment when your siblings throw you under the bus.


— Karim! (@edgarkpz)
ID: 2833524

Food storage:

ID: 2836811

14. Who needs Tupperware when you’ve got these?

THIS #mexicanproblemsnight

— ✌niggalyssa✌ (@ShesJustANobody)
ID: 2833493

15. And these.


— annie briones. (@ikissyoujonas)
ID: 2833561


ID: 2836876

16. These blankets were there for you from the very beginning.

“When you own multiple blankets with faces of animals on them #mexicanproblemsnight ” I have 2 on me right now

— Carina Castro (@carinasan)
ID: 2833498


ID: 2836886

17. Sound it out.

I can hear it #mexicanproblemsnight

— Kathleen Lespron (@klespron95)
ID: 2833499

Authentic Mexican cuisine:

ID: 2836894

18. Taco facts.

#mexicanproblemsnight accurate

— just waiting for 1/4 (@astralharold)
ID: 2833503

19. The curse of the little baby inside the rosca.

#mexicanproblemsnight getting hit bc you got one of these in your rosca

— Denise. (@_lickmeliam)
ID: 2833506

20. Your mom’s cooking sometimes involved coughing and teary eyes.


— Caro♡ (@CaroFlores23)
ID: 2833510

21. The ultimate comfort drink.

#mexicanproblemsnight when I ask my mom for Starbucks but she says no bc we have

— jen (@stylesvvinter)
ID: 2833512

22. This recurring issue.

#mexicanproblemsnight when you leave the beans home cooking

— (@janohood69)
ID: 2833521


ID: 2836939

23. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

#mexicanproblemsnight this is the size of your family from only your dads side

— martha ◡̈ (@rosepetalhxrry)
ID: 2833509

24. Whenever Mexico scores in the World Cup.

#mexicanproblemsnight When you're watching soccer with your family and their team scores they be like "GOOOOAAAALLL"

— evan peters (@wolfgangziam)
ID: 2833551

25. Did someone say “party”?


— (@justinsmvsic)
ID: 2833564

26. After singing “Happy Birthday” and “Las Mañanitas,” you knew what came next.


— Elizabeth Garcia (@garcia_eli)
ID: 2833625


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27. The original boy band.

#mexicanproblemsnight Juan Direction

— ' (@1Dsopitas)
ID: 2833514

28. The original Selena.

#mexicanproblemsnight When you say Selena, everyone thinks you're talking about Gomez but we're really talking about

— Nellie | 43 Days ❁ (@AmeezyMySavior)
ID: 2833523

29. You know the words to his songs, even if you don’t listen to Chente.


— 𧐚ylin❁ (@silvereccstasy)
ID: 2833501

30. This song will always be stuck in your head. FOREVER.

"@voguexpinosa: #mexicanproblemsnight " Omg

— Vanessa Estrada (@OhNessaaa)
ID: 2833483

31. ZA ZA ZA.


ID: 2833576

White people:

ID: 2837109

32. SMDH.

When white people celebrate Cinco de Mayo #mexicanproblemsnight

— bruhhh bruhhh (@_ayyye_gabbyyy)
ID: 2833519

33. There is always room for one more.

#Hispanicproblemsnight #Mexicanproblemsnight Americans vs. Mexicans

— GEMMA THO (@winterlouhaz)
ID: 2833526


ID: 2837158

34. They’re everywhere.

Having like 20 of these plates #mexicanproblemsnight

— Ericka Cortez ☠ ♪ (@ericka_xcx)
ID: 2833554

La chancla:

ID: 2837163

35. The nightmare.

#mexicanproblemsnight my biggest nightmare

— (@dolcenouis)
ID: 2833527

36. Your parents’ impressive aim.

#mexicanproblemsnight +Hija, ¿Puedes barrer? -No.

ID: 2833571

37. When our worst fears lie in anticipation.

#mexicanproblemsnight when your mom te amenaza con la chancla

— vanessa ◡̈ | cal pls (@zayniescraic)
ID: 2833556

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