31 GIFs You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Life is pretty predictable until — OH MY GOD!

1. Will this turtle make it over the fence?!

ID: 2873000

2. Will Hermione be able to pull off this magic spell?

Warner Bros.
ID: 2874119

3. Will this Olympic diver nail a perfect 10?!

ID: 2874137

4. Will this dude successfully jump over this puddle of dirty water?

ID: 2874159

5. How do this cute puppy and baby get along?

ID: 2874228

6. Can this man keep running without tripping?

ID: 2874235

7. Why are these ladies running in a hospital?

ID: 2877201

8. Will this tractor manage to pull this boat out of the water?

ID: 2877387

9. Will she say yes to this man’s marriage proposal?

ID: 2877318

10. What is this sexy lady getting ready for?

ID: 2877462

11. Will this guy perform a successful card trick?

ID: 2877742

12. Will this guy land this awesome BMX trick?

ID: 2877537

13. Will this baby finally take its first steps?

ID: 2877877

14. How will Sub Zero finish off Scorpion?

ID: 2878015

15. Will this diver successfully pull off a front flip?

Warner Bros.
ID: 2878317

16. Are those two sexy schoolgirls playing the field?

ID: 2878412

17. Will these two bros have a brutal throwdown?

ID: 2878439

18. Who will get KTFO?

ID: 2878599

19. Will these mean-looking dudes break that storefront window?

ID: 2878720

20. Will this guy just wait for the train to run over his car?

ID: 2878825

21. Will this guy pull off this clever pool trick?

ID: 2878850

22. Will these two lovebirds lip-lock by the ocean?

ID: 2878875

23. Is this poor dog living his final days?

ID: 2878912

24. Will the fan get out of the way before this speeding soccer ball hits him?

ID: 2879055

25. Will this hunter shoot down that poor little bird?

ID: 2879086

26. Will this 90-year-old woman pull off a double backflip?

ID: 2879176

27. How does this guy celebrate after scoring two points?

ID: 2879612

28. Can this guy pull off this stunt?

ID: 2879638

29. Can this guy actually fold a shirt in a fraction of a second?

ID: 2879674

30. What can possibly go wrong with this guy playing around with a gun?

ID: 2879973

31. Can this kennel of kittens get any more adorable?

ID: 2879534

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