21 People Who Know How To Handle Food Like A Boss

Welcome to the culinary school of hard knocks.

1. This guy who doesn’t have time to deal with watermelon rind.

ID: 2862554

2. These dudes who understand the importance of teamwork.

ID: 2862648

3. This guy who turns cotton candy into an art form.

ID: 2864584

4. This person who takes “quick turnaround time” very seriously.

ID: 2863123

5. These ladies in Thailand who put an interesting twist on ice cream.


1. Mash up bananas, strawberries, and chocolate cream on a freezing surface.
2. Spread it.
3. Scrape it.
4. BOSS.

ID: 2863871

6. This man who chops scrambled eggs in the most awesome way possible.

ID: 2863279

7. This guy who serves a taco like a ninja.

ID: 2864372

8. This chef whose ramen-making skills put your Cup Noodles to shame.

ID: 2863569

9. This guy who practices ballet while making iced tea. #Multitasking.

ID: 2864037

10. These dudes who made three large pizzas in record-breaking time.

ID: 2863413

11. This dude who found a way to peel an apple in three seconds.

ID: 2863394

12. This man who didn’t have a peeler. So he said, “That’s OK. I’ll just use this GIANT FUCKING KNIFE.”

ID: 2865042

13. This guy who thinks cutting boards are overrated.

ID: 2864835

14. This guy who is going bananas making those street crêpes.

ID: 2863726

15. This dude who went all Michelangelo on this watermelon.

ID: 2865937

16. This Turkish ice cream vendor who likes to troll his customers just because he can.

ID: 2871373

17. This guy who turns cucumbers into scrolls.

ID: 2871883

18. This guy who cracks eggs in mid-air because, you know, he’s a badass.

ID: 2871684

19. This lady who operates faster than you can say “cake.”

ID: 2872483

20. This dude who can wok it all night long.

ID: 2872538

21. This dude who made 12 breakfast burgers in less than five minutes. He spread six eggs over an iron grill, like an omelette:

ID: 2862839

He put 12 patties on top of the egg:

ID: 2862843

He flippity-flopped sauces onto the patties:

ID: 2862907

He chopped it evenly and served them on buns LIKE A BOSS! TAKE THAT MCDONALD’S!

ID: 2862924

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