Skinny Pigs Make Everyone’s Day Better

Skinny pigs are the perfect remedy for those mid-day blues. Don’t let their lack of hair fool you, they’re cute in their own way. Think of it this way, they look like tiny hippos.

They love giving kisses

ID: 1265190

2. They enjoy the great outdoors

ID: 1265197

3. They will never bite the hand that feeds them

ID: 1265200

4. They love playing

ID: 1265213

5. Sometimes they resemble Ghibli characters

ID: 1265217

6. They’re ahead on all the latest fashions

ID: 1265220

7. They always make sure they’re clean

ID: 1265223

8. They take exercise pretty seriously

ID: 1265227

9. They enjoy being held

ID: 1265230

10. They are great with kids

ID: 1265233

11. They help you clean the bathroom

ID: 1265235

12. They’ll even help you with your work

ID: 1265238

13. They love getting presents

ID: 1265237

14. They can be fierce when they need to be

ID: 1265240

15. They know how to chill out

ID: 1265243

16. They know how to party

ID: 1265247

17. And of course, they’re adorable

ID: 1265228

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