Shiba Inus: The Happiest Dog In All The Land

These dogs that hail from the Land of the Rising Sun must have a pretty easy life because they’re smiling all the time.

1. “Hey guys!”

ID: 1274110

2. This guy must love driving.

ID: 1274111

3. He knows how to smile for the camera.

ID: 1274113

4. How can you not want to smile back at this guy?

ID: 1274114

5. This one is just happy to be outdoors.

ID: 1274115

6. So happy other shiba inus are making it on the big screen.

ID: 1274116

7. Look at this handsome fellow.

ID: 1274117

8. So excited, it might poop itself.

ID: 1274118

9. Happy to be going on a walk.

ID: 1274119

10. Flash that smile you young heartbreaker, you.

ID: 1274120

11. A little over the top, but hey, this guy’s happy as can be.

ID: 1274121

12. He’s a real sea dog.

ID: 1274123

13. And maybe the most famous smiling shiba inu of all …

ID: 1274124

This shiba inu from Japan loves seeing it owner after a long day.

ID: 1274125

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