Meerkats Who Have Simply Had Enough

Meerkats are happy and adorable creatures (have you not seen Meerkat Manor?). But sometimes they have had just about enough of … life?

1. The guy in the middle is so over conforming to his peers

ID: 1269751

2. He’s had enough. He knows he’s fabulous.

ID: 1269755

3. “I have had enough of this camera being all up in my business.”

ID: 1269756

4. “Sometimes I just need to take a breather.”

ID: 1269758

5. “Why? Why must life be so hard?”

ID: 1269760

6. “Honestly though, where’s mom with our food?”

ID: 1269761

7. This guy has had enough of this insect’s ridiculous behavior

ID: 1269762

8. “I’m really tired of my mom using me as a headrest.”

ID: 1269765

9. The guy on the left is getting pretty sick and tired of his siblings

ID: 1269766

10. “Millipedes really grind my gears.”

ID: 1269769

11. *Getting pretty tired of this guy smelling my butt*

ID: 1269771

12. Sometimes they just want to scream!

ID: 1269775

13. Then they realize that their lives are pretty good. Cue relaxation.

ID: 1269776

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