What Australia Was Like When New South Wales Last Won Origin

2005 was a much simpler time.

New South Wales have finally won the State of Origin! Defeating Queensland in game two to take the series.

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This brings to a close the 8 year streak that Queensland has held. So how was the world in 2005, when NSW last won Origin?

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1. Well for starters Justin Bieber was 12.

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2. These are the phones that ruled the world as iPhones didn’t come out for another 2 years.

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3. Batman became relevant again.

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4. This man was our Prime Minister.

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5. The world was a happier place without this family being on TV.

Kim hadn’t made her tape yet.

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6. “How I Met Your Mother” was in its first season.

It ran for 9.

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7. Music was actually played on MTV.

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8. And this song was #1 for almost a quarter of the year.

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9. You communicated though this.

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10. And this guy was your mate.

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11. This NRL team didn’t even exist yet!

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12. Back then “The Footy Show” was actually funny.


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13. We still had this legend.


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14. But not all things are different, our internet is still the same speed.

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15. There were 2 more apostles along the Great Ocean Road.

They keep on falling :(

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16. Our countries tourism industry was ruined with the release of this movie.

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17. The Socceroos had just made it in to the Soccer World Cup for the first time!

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18. Pluto was still a planet.

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19. We were still playing with this piece of ancient garbage.

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20. And back in 2005 your parents were still happily married.

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