Ever Wondered What WWE Superstars Get Paid?

John Cena, wanna help me pay off my student debt?

1. Booker T

Annual salary: $72,520 plus first class travel and accommodation. That’s for one day of work a week, announcing a pre-taped show. Sign me up!

ID: 3228094

2. Alicia Fox

Annual salary: $72,520. Pretty low salary, it’s starting to make me think that her weekly on-air tantrums are legit.

ID: 3228109

3. Natalya

Annual salary: $74,410. For the best technical diva on the roster? I think you need to whip out the sharpshooter when you negotiate your next contract Nattie. Oh, and while you’re at it make sure they put Tyson Kidd on TV!

ID: 3228099

4. Jinder Mahal

Annual salary: $75,000. R.I.P 3MB :(

ID: 3228114

5. Jack Swagger

Annual salary: $75,000. Remember when this guy was the World Heavyweight Champion?

ID: 3228149

6. Darren Young

Annual salary: $80,145. Where has this guy been since they split Prime Time Players?

ID: 3228194

7. Layla

Annual salary: $86,450. All that to dance alongside Fandango a couple of times a week?!

ID: 3228102

8. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Annual salary: $104,300 plus first class travel and accommodation. Whatever this guy gets, he deserves.

ID: 3228089

9. AJ

Annual salary: $104,300. Plus she is married to C.M Punk….winning!

ID: 3228105

10. Michael Cole

Annual salary: $109,475. He was a war reporter you know.

ID: 3228085

11. Zack Ryder

Annual salary: $135,050 plus 1.5% of sales from his merchandise. WOO WOO WOO, #PUSHRYDER

ID: 3228178

12. Brodus Clay

Annual salary: $170,000. Why did WWE fire him is beyond me. So much potential.

ID: 3228226

13. Kofi Kingston

Annual salary: $254,200. I think the only reason he is kept around is for the Royal Rumble each year.

ID: 3228160

14. Cody Rhodes

Annual salary: $494,500. Includes face paint allowance so he can now be Stardust!

ID: 3228432

15. Tensai/Sweet T/A-Train/Albert/Prince Albert/Jason Albert

Annual salary: $520,000. There has to be a mistake here.

ID: 3228169

16. Dolph Ziggler

Annual salary: $540,230. “Give this man more money!” - The internet.

ID: 3228201

17. Christian

Annual salary: $595,000 including first class travel.

ID: 3228206

18. Daniel Bryan


Annual salary: $620,470. Surely he has to be paid more now! He is the companies top guy!

ID: 3228425

19. Alberto Del Rio

Annual Salary: $675,000 plus first class travel. But you already knew that.

ID: 3228155

20. The Miz

Annual salary: $712,000, plus a movie deal with WWE films. Did we mention that he is married to Maryse? Damn you Miz!

ID: 3228173

21. Mark Henry

Annual salary: $877,000 plus first class travel. No smart-ass comment here. Carry on Mark.

ID: 3228163

22. Kane


Annual salary: $905,000. Includes first class travel and accommodation. The guy has been with the company non-stop for 15+ years, he deserves everything.

ID: 3228517

23. The Great Khali

Annual salary: $974,000. Yes I know what you’re all thinking, how?!

ID: 3228171

24. Rey Mysterio

Annual salary: $985,000 plus 4% of sales from his own merchandise.

ID: 3228232

25. Sheamus

Annual salary: $1,000,000. Includes first class travel. All that money, still no time for a visit to the tanning salon.

ID: 3228415

26. Big Show


Annual salary: $1,000,000. Plus a personal tour bus.

ID: 3228520

27. CM Punk

Bleacher Report

Annual salary: $1,200,000. Includes a personal tour bus, first class travel and accommodation. PLEASE COME BACK PUNK!

ID: 3228497

28. Randy Orton


Annual salary: $1,600,000. Personal tour bus provided.

ID: 3228504

29. John Cena


Annual salary: $2,750,000. includes first class travel and accommodation, and 6.25% of merchandise sales. SOURCE.

ID: 3228527

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