30 GIFs That Prove Pro Wrestling Fans Are Actually Insane


1. This guy not giving a crap about being the oldest guy in the crowd.

2. The reunion of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth touched all our hearts. Especially this young mans.

WWE / Via

3. “I have no idea where the fuck I am.”

WWE / Via

4. This little girls reaction to John Cena losing.

WWE / Via

“Yep, I’m done.”

5. “Oh, hey I’m on TV!”

6. These Jeff Hardy fans were not impressed when CM Punk dressed up as him and come out to his theme music.

WWE / Via

7. This kid getting overwhelmed by the pyrotechnics.

WWE / Via

8. This guy hating life while his girlfriend gets in on the action.

9. This little dude not knowing he’s being broadcasted around the world to millions of people.

10. “Play on Playa!”

TNA / Via

11. Grandma hates Hollywood Hogan.

WWE / Via

13. “I’m a pole now.”

14. “Brock Lesnar Guy” losing his mind.

WWE / Via

15. When a fan wore this shirt to a WWE event and got on TV.


16. This fan getting a bit too involved in the show.

17. Sayyyy whaaaaa?

WWE / Via

18. When CM Punk lost the gold, people at home were furious!

WWE / Via

19. When Mick Foley asked the crowd for a chair and this happened.

WWE / Via

20. When this fan cried at a convention. “IT’S STILL RAL TO ME DAMMIT!!”

NWA / Via

21. When The Miz won the WWE Championship some people were not pleased, including “Angry Miz Girl.”

WWE / Via


WWE / Via

23. The emotions!

WWE / Via

24. “I’m marking out, bro!”

25. That’s probably someones mother.


26. But of course, who can forget when The Undertaker’s 21 year winning streak at Wrestlemania came to an end, fans were silenced.

WWE / Via

27. And stunned.

WWE / Via

28. Childhoods died.

WWE / Via

29. “What just happened?!” - Everyone.

WWE / Via

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