30 GIFs That Prove Pro Wrestling Fans Are Actually Insane


1. This guy not giving a crap about being the oldest guy in the crowd.

ID: 3275967

2. The reunion of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth touched all our hearts. Especially this young mans.

WWE / Via neogaf.com
ID: 3275979

3. “I have no idea where the fuck I am.”

WWE / Via giphy.com
ID: 3275975

4. This little girls reaction to John Cena losing.

WWE / Via giphy.com

“Yep, I’m done.”

ID: 3275981

5. “Oh, hey I’m on TV!”

ID: 3275985

6. These Jeff Hardy fans were not impressed when CM Punk dressed up as him and come out to his theme music.

WWE / Via 4gifs.com
ID: 3275992

7. This kid getting overwhelmed by the pyrotechnics.

WWE / Via 4gifs.com
ID: 3275996

8. This guy hating life while his girlfriend gets in on the action.

ID: 3276003

9. This little dude not knowing he’s being broadcasted around the world to millions of people.

ID: 3275968

10. “Play on Playa!”

TNA / Via giphy.com
ID: 3275988

11. Grandma hates Hollywood Hogan.

WWE / Via giphy.com
ID: 3276005

12. ….

ID: 3276012

13. “I’m a pole now.”

ID: 3276020

14. “Brock Lesnar Guy” losing his mind.

WWE / Via giphy.com
ID: 3276030

15. When a fan wore this shirt to a WWE event and got on TV.


ID: 3276035

16. This fan getting a bit too involved in the show.

ID: 3276737

17. Sayyyy whaaaaa?

WWE / Via giphy.com
ID: 3276046

18. When CM Punk lost the gold, people at home were furious!

WWE / Via gifbay.com
ID: 3276699

19. When Mick Foley asked the crowd for a chair and this happened.

WWE / Via gifsoup.com
ID: 3276049

20. When this fan cried at a convention. “IT’S STILL RAL TO ME DAMMIT!!”

NWA / Via gifsoup.com
ID: 3276195

21. When The Miz won the WWE Championship some people were not pleased, including “Angry Miz Girl.”

WWE / Via mrwgifs.com
ID: 3276206


WWE / Via isdagram.com
ID: 3276361

23. The emotions!

WWE / Via whatculture.com
ID: 3276367

24. “I’m marking out, bro!”

ID: 3275983

25. That’s probably someones mother.


ID: 3276380

26. But of course, who can forget when The Undertaker’s 21 year winning streak at Wrestlemania came to an end, fans were silenced.

WWE / Via cheezburger.com
ID: 3276389

27. And stunned.

WWE / Via gifpinner.com
ID: 3276391

28. Childhoods died.

WWE / Via cheezburger.com
ID: 3276400

29. “What just happened?!” - Everyone.

WWE / Via cheezburger.com
ID: 3276404

30. :0

WWE / Via funnyjunk.com
ID: 3276419

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