29 Times Graffiti Was So Bad It Was Good

Graffiti: Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Or drawing dicks on random objects, either one.

1. Loving your grandparents does get you street cred.

ID: 3281787

2. If we forget about “Norbit” then yes, we agree.

ID: 3281789

3. Woah. Deep bro.

ID: 3281790

4. It’s been over 10 years since the rise and fall of Craig David. His songs still are in the hearts of the world.

ID: 3281792

5. Your foot had it coming.

ID: 3281794

6. Dave Bing, you need to stop that buddy.

ID: 3281799

7. #PrayForTBone

ID: 3281809

8. It’s 2014 world, enough with the racism.

ID: 3281811

9. The detail to that penis. This is art!

ID: 3281796

10. R.I.P 2 Pec.

ID: 3281815

11. Can they back it up?

ID: 3281818

12. And 3 was perfect!

ID: 3281820

13. ……..got it.

ID: 3281822

14. Fuck toilet paper!

ID: 3281824

15. Mom? :(

ID: 3281828

16. Hmmm. Cereal is dope.

ID: 3281829

17. As do I.

ID: 3281831

18. A new gang in New York running the streets.

ID: 3281832

19. The war begins.

ID: 3281833

20. You can be what ever you set your heart to.

ID: 3281835

21. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

ID: 3284527

22. Honesty goes a long way.

ID: 3284530

24. Next time come prepared!

ID: 3284541

25. Ummm…moving on.

ID: 3284547

26. Come to think about it, they are!

ID: 3284556

27. It’s not even real milk. If you have milk, go all the way. Full cream, BITCH!

ID: 3281798

28. Choking on the irony!

ID: 3284560

29. I’m just riding to do my part for a cleaner world, but fair enough.

ID: 3284569

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