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  • Gerard Butler Since 300

    Gerard Butler cemented himself in hunk history with his role in 300. It was no doubt a career catapult type of role. So, where has it catapulted him to? You be the judge, but he has pretty much stayed either a lover or a bad ass. Next year though, he will change it up at least a little as a bad ass leprechaun.

    NickJR a year ago respond

  • 11 Things Keeping You From Getting There

    When you’re seeing the world from an automobile its easy to label half of the population idiots and the other half morons but in reality there are many subtle mutations of work-a-day traffic impasses. If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles then you’ve no doubt encountered every example here in a single block… but even if you haven’t there is no escaping…

    NickJR a year ago respond

  • Bynum A 7-Year-Old Girl

    Andrew Bynum isn’t playing, so he must be spending his free time playing with his hair. Either that or the dude behind him barfed up the mop he ate earlier.

    NickJR 2 years ago respond