Someone Has Created The Most Beautiful Man Ever

Seriously… he’s perfection.

1. LOOK - It’s Liam Payne morphed with David Beckham

Twitter account @Morphing_Celebs has crossed the faces of the hottest footballer ever with 1/5 of the hottest boyband ever and the result is a man we could only wish would exist.

2. Seriously, look how stunning he is


4. Zayn Malik & Niall Horan is also a breathtaking morph

5. As is Niall & Zac

Mmmm…. blonde hair blue eyed Zac

6. Zayn & Perrie will have angelically beautiful children

7. But it’s probably a good job these two broke up

8. And Ariana Grande & Nathan from The Wanted should probably consider doing the same

9. A Lorde & Lana Del Rey morph makes for a seriously fierce and sassy woman

10. But the music industry must join forces to make sure that this collaboration never… ever happens… EVER

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