The Weirdest Moments From Jeremy Lin’s Taiwanese Streetball Odyssey

Jeremy Lin went to Taiwan and conquered everybody.

Houston Rockets point guard and mega-icon Jeremy Lin was in Taiwan last week with David Lee of the Golden State Warriors, and they eventually had to scratch the basketball itch. So Lin made a video about his late-night escape to a local Taipei streetball court.

Some parts of the video were staged, some were organic. All were ridiculous.

ID: 566502

2. Tired of hiding from the paparazzi, Jeremy grew weary of his Taipei hotel room.

ID: 566535

3. So Jeremy woke up David Lee, because it’s time to BALL.

ID: 566555

4. But how will a pair of NBA hoopers sneak past a crowd of nosy photographers?

ID: 566564

5. A giant Hello Kitty head, of course. Taiwanese people won’t recognize David Lee anyway.

ID: 566577

6. Undetected, J-Lin hopped in his whip and cruised to the Xinsheng Courts.

ID: 566617

7. Linsanity ensued.

ID: 566627

8. GAME TIME! The locals must have been thrilled to play amongst two NBA players.

ID: 566647

9. What? Jeremy Lin and David Lee are on the same team against a bunch of teenagers? THAT’S NOT FAIR!

ID: 566659

10. Seriously, David Lee just dunked all over everyone.

ID: 566669

11. C’mon Jeremy, give the kids a chance.

ID: 566676

12. Nope. Blowout. When former New York Knicks come to Taipei, they come to win.

ID: 566678

13. At least Jeremy had some nice parting words for the crowd (which had grown immense).

ID: 566690

14. He then lobbed his shoes like grenades into the crowd. This kid even got a spot on the news.

ID: 566707

15. You can see the whole thing here.

ID: 566710

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