Rapper Wale Picked A Fight With The Toronto Raptors Televison Announcer

You can’t just say Drake is better than Wale on TV and get away with it.

Biggie vs. Tupac. Nas vs. Jay-Z. Snoop Dogg vs. sobriety. All are legendary hip-hop beefs, but last night, Wale picked a fight with Toronto Raptors broadcast announcer Matt Devlin in what may be the biggest (and dumbest) feud of them all.

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2. Rapper Wale was in attendance to watch the Washington Wizards host the Toronto Raptors. Apparently, Wale and new Raptor Rudy Gay are pals.

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3. While running back on defense, Gay responded to something Wale had said earlier in the night.

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5. Devlin misunderstood the interaction, and explained to the audience he thought that Wale may have been heckling Gay.

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Unbeknownst to Devlin, lots of people on Twitter have heard of Wale. He’s got 2.7 million Twitter followers.

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8. Devlin then took it to another level.

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With his honor challenged, Wale approached the announcer’s booth in the third quarter hoping to have a word with Devlin.

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12. Devlin was welcoming, unaware of the shot he had fired.

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13. Luckily a Drake doppelgänger held Wale back.

Whatever Wale actually said couldn’t be heard on the television broadcast, but we imagine it was something like this.

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So, like any self-respecting local rapper, Wale got the final word on Twitter.

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Wale later explained to DeMar DeRozan that he picked a fight with a television announcer because it was “a slow night.”

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18. Expect a Matt Devlin diss-track in the near future.

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H/T Larry Brown at Larry Brown Sports

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