Novak Djokovic Bought A Year’s Supply Of The World’s Most Expensive Cheese

We’re not Djoking.

Andy Wong / AP
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2. This is Pule, the world’s most expensive cheese. Novak Djokovic just bought all of it.

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Novak Djokovic, the number-one tennis player in the world and budding restaurateur, bought the entire 2013 supply of Pule in order to supply his chain of Serbian restaurants. Pule is a white, crumbly Serbian cheese, which costs an astronomical £800 a kilogram, equivalent to $584 dollars per pound. Djokovic will sell the cheese at his Novak Cafe & Restaurant locations, which are spreading across Serbia.

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4. The cheese is made from the milk of a few select Balkan donkeys living on a nature reserve.

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According to the Phoenix New Times, the vast amount of milk required to make the cheese and the scarcity of the Balkan donkey contribute to the ridiculous price.

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Home to 100 Balkan donkeys, the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve along the Zasavica River produces a smoked donkey’s milk cheese that they call ‘Pule.’ They swear the obscene price of the cheese directly correlates to the value of the milk, which makes sense since 1 kilogram of cheese requires 25 liters of milk.

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7. Here’s a making-of video. WARNING: graphic milking ahead.

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H/T The Sun.

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