NHL Superstar Sidney Crosby Snuck Into A Street Hockey Game For Average Joes

Have a rec-league team and need a goalie? Sid the Kid is available.

1. Sidney Crosby is bored.

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Talks between the NHL and NHL Players Association have regressed to the point of trench warfare. There hasn’t been an NHL game played in North America since June 11, and unless something miraculous happens, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. Still, out-of-work NHL players have to do something with all their free time. Some bolted for European leagues. Former league MVP Sidney Crosby? He’s sneaking into amateur street hockey games in full goalie gear.

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Last week, Crosby accompanied a friend who plays in a league at the Dek Star rink in Pittsburgh, but his goalie gear disguised his identity. Crosby played the entire game in goal (and held a shutout, though he never faced a shot), and the other team had no clue who the replacement goalie was. Eventually, the referee recognized Crosby in goal, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Very kool. Who needs the NHL?

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