Football Halftime Show Succinctly Captures Difference Between Heartland And West Coast

Highlighted by a Stanford drummer who has probably smoked a few Rose Bowls in his day.

This year’s Rose Bowl, between Stanford and Wisconsin, not only matched up two strong football teams: it also featured marching bands that helpfully demonstrated the differences between the Midwest and the West Coast.

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2. Wisconsin’s band worked hard to deliver an excellent performance.

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3. Straight lines.

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4. Precision.

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5. Stanford’s band? Well, they do whatever the hell they want. As a “scatter” band, Stanford’s musicians run willy-nilly between formations rather than marching.

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6. The band members are adorned randomly with items such as this helmet of Medusa-like rose snakes.

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7. Or the rainbow wig donned by the highlight of the Rose Bowl, the “Legalize Weed Drummer Boy.”

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9. That guy is not going to march in The Man’s company front, friends. He’s also liable to play the drum part from “White Rabbit” while everyone else is doing the fight song.

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10. Truly, there’s room for all kinds of headwear and marching styles in this great nation of ours.

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11. Here’s a slow-motion video of “Legalize Weed Drummer Boy” looking stoned at the Rose Bowl…for America.

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