Geno Auriemma Touches A Rival Coach’s Butt To "Teach Her A Lesson"

That’s how Auriemma explained it, anyway. Really! His words!

1. This incredible photograph captures UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma slapping the buttocks of Baylor coach Kim Mulkey last night.

Jessica Hill / AP
ID: 904201

There’s got to be an explanation for this. Bad camera angle, misunderstanding — he wouldn’t just touch a colleague’s butt, right? Right?!

Here’s the inside story, courtesy of Rich Elliot at

ID: 904212
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
ID: 904160
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
ID: 904162
Jessica Hill / AP
ID: 904182
Jessica Hill / AP
ID: 904183
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
ID: 904197

Oh, okay, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing everything up. Just kidding. What the hell, man???

ID: 904232

H/T Connecticut Post

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