Dustin Johnson Is A Lucky Guy, Is Dating Paulina Gretzky

Just a great, happy couple.

1. What’s that? PGA golfer Dustin Johnson is dating Paulina Gretzky, the scandalous daughter of Wayne Gretzky? Good for him!

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2. And look, she’s even learning to play golf! How cute.

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Dustin just looks so happy. What a lucky guy, a 7-time PGA Tour winner with a beautiful girlfriend.

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5. Here they are by the shore, happy as clams.

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When news broke of the budding relationship, common sense suggested it might derail his golf career. But these two look so wholesome together, it can surely only spur him on to new heights.

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Paulina follows Dustin everywhere, even braving the elements to watch him play golf.

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Uhh… that’s kind the kind of photo you keep hidden in your inbox. But Dustin say’s he’s in love! How sweet. We’ll let this slide.

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And get out of the club, you’re a pro golfer. You think Lee Trevino went club hopping?
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Gregory Bull / AP
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