10 Best Colleges For Social Butterflies

These Niche Colleges with the best social scene will keep you aflutter.

1. If you’re always the life of the party…

University of Georgia ranks #2 on the list of Biggest Party Schools. As one student described, “it’s like spring break every weekend, but with more clothes.”

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2. If you love hanging out with all your friends…

Penn State has the #8 Best Student Center. The HUB is the epicenter of campus, with study lounges, restaurants, auditoriums, and an art gallery.

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3. If you want to dance until you drop…

University of Texas - Austin claims the #1 Most Exciting Nightlife. Austin is famous for its legendary music scene, and the club/bar scene does not disappoint either.

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4. If your motto is “Work Hard, Play Hard”…

Ohio State University boasts the #1 Best Athletic Facilities. From the football stadium to the rec center, Ohio State has top-notch facilities for athletes and fans alike.

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5. If you want to go Greek…

University of Florida tops the list as the #1 college Where Greek Life Rules. Not only are there a huge number of Greek students, but they are also highly involved in student government and other organizations, making them a huge presence on campus. And then there’s the parties….

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6. If you think Game Day is the best day of the week…

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor ranks #12 for Most Active Varsity Sports. Athletics are a major part of campus life, especially Wolverine football, which attracts record attendance numbers week after week at Michigan Stadium.

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7. If you prefer late-night snacking to late-night studying…

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlain enjoys the #6 Best Late-Night Dining Options. With several snack bars, pizza places, and a 24-hour diner at their disposal, students don’t have to worry about how to satisfy midnight munchies.

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8. If you were born for the stage…

Indiana University - Bloomington holds the #10 spot for Best Performance Venues. IU ranks among the top 10 schools with the most degree programs in fine arts and also boasts one of the largest music schools in the country.

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9. If you want it all…

Florida State University comes in at #3 for Best Overall Student Experience. With Top 10 showings in athletics, nightlife, Greek life, and performing arts, it’s easy to see why students love it here.

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10. If you love meeting new people…

Ohio University has the #7 Best Dorm Atmosphere. From day one, dorm life holds so much potential to make new lifelong friends.

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